Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Selects Fake Catholic Biden as VP Mate

WASHINGTON -- Barack Obama selected sixty-five year old Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware early Saturday to be his vice presidential running mate. Biden, who has twice sought the White House, is a fake Roman Catholic who has a 0% rating by National Right to Life and voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment."

Biden voted against criminal penalties for someone attacking a pregnant woman and harming her unborn child during the commission of another crime (March 2004).

Biden voted against notifying parents before underage girls are taken across state lines for an abortion. (This could involve pressure from a man).

Biden voted against Senate confirmation for highly-qualified Republican appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court John Roberts and Samuel Alito.

Biden is pushing a $65 BILLION PER YEAR NEW TAX (click here).

Biden has also earned an “ F ” (11%) by the National Taxpayers Union for his Senate votes in 2006, as a "Big Spender."

Biden voted against requiring voters to present a photo ID when voting to prevent voter fraud.

Learn more about Biden here.

Watch the Biden Movie to learn who Joe Biden really is. Note the part where he admits he is not honest.

Here is John McCain's repsonse to Barrack Obama's running mate.

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