Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin's Edge: She's Exactly Who We Need!

Watch these brief videos -- they convey who Governor Sarah Palin is -- she is exactly the person our country needs right now. She is a strong Christian mother of five who values and respects human life. She cares about this country and wants to change things for the better. Just watching these videos and listening to her makes me feel hopeful for our families and the future of our country. She is an authentic person - not a phony like so many politicians out there today who are only seeking money, power, and prestige. Unlike Barack Obama, she cares about our US troops, supports them, and has actually visited them in Iraq. In addition, her son who is in the National Guard will soon be deployed to Iraq. Check out this video: John McCain - Sarah Palin Visit Troops in Iraq.

Unlike Obama and Biden, who are entrenched in the culture of death, deception, and destruction, Sarah, a governor with executive experience (something Obama doesn't have), is a maverick, a woman with strong morals who will lift this country up and not drag it down.

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