Monday, September 29, 2008

Archbishop Burke: Democrats becoming 'party of death'

The Democratic Party in the United States "risks transforming itself definitively into a 'party of death,'" said U.S. Archbishop Raymond L. Burke, prefect of the Vatican's highest court.

An interview with the former archbishop of St. Louis was published in the Sept. 27 edition of Avvenire, a daily Catholic newspaper sponsored by the Italian bishops' conference.

The newspaper asked the archbishop, the new head of the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signature, for his reaction to reports that his Vatican job was designed to get him away from St. Louis.

"I have too much respect for the pope to believe that in order to move someone away from a diocese he would nominate him to a very sensitive dicastery like this one," said the archbishop, whose office is in charge of ensuring that lower church courts correctly administer justice in accordance with canon law.



irishgalartist said...

Thank you for standing up for life!!! It would surprise democrats that not all feminist women agree with abortion. Equal pay for equal work, does not translate to support for abortion. I am a woman and I stand on the side of life.

irishgalartist said...

I wish the church would come out even more strongly. I am afraid that America is on the brink of Communism.