Tuesday, October 28, 2008

22 Weeks: Stunning Movie

WorldNetDaily: Born-alive abortion movie stuns viewers -- Film based on mom's true story reaches new audiences, including Congress

From Jill Stanek: 22 Weeks screenings:

I began writing about the death of Baby Rowan soon after it happened in 2005, having received a call from his distraught mother, who had an instant change of heart when seeing her baby.

He was aborted in an Orlando, FL, abortion clinic toilet and survived for several minutes. The Born Alive Infants Protection Act should have protected him but didn't. State and federal prosecutors failed him. Clinic workers went so far as to turn away EMTs at the mill door who the mother had called to help her baby.

Now a short movie has been made of that tragedy, 22 Weeks. MORE

My Comments: I am looking forward to this new pro-life film. You can demand that it come to your city. Just go to the widget on the left hand sidebar of this blog above my movie reviews.

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Alfred Capra said...

It seems that this short movie is amazing. As an update the movie has won 6 awards.


Thanks for sharing