Wednesday, October 29, 2008

AMP NEWS: Abortion and Voting

This is the pilot episode of AMP News, an upbeat week-in-review of news, politics, and culture, along with commentary and interviews, all from a uniquely Catholic perspective. "AMP News, reporting the stories you can believe."

Thomas Peters, M.A., is a young Catholic living in Washington DC. He has appeared on CNN, BBC World News, The Today Show & His widely-read blog, American Papist, has been mentioned in numerous print and radio outlets. He is also widely published, co-hosted a radio call-in show for Catholic Youth for Catholic Answers Live and has spoken at Theology on Tap. He specializes in all things Catholic, the relationship between Catholicism and politics, as well as youth topics.

He certainly has done a great job in his discussion on the issue of abortion and voting on this video!

Be sure to check out the headlines segment: