Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Online: Powerful Pro-life Film

I just finished watching a powerful pro-life film online entitled Volition.

Here is the description: "The act of making a choice. Sometimes the choice of inaction has consequences stronger than we could ever imagine. Throughout history, men have been faced with difficult choices in a world that makes it easy for them to conform. This film explores the hope that lies behind every decision made in the face of adversity; the hope that is buried in the heart of those that look beyond themselves and see something bigger worth fighting for."

It's not long and is well worth watching. Go here to see it in its entirety.

~ Via American Papist and Jill Stanek.


EbethW said...

Hi Jean,

I just saw it this afternoon....between baking pies and bread for tomorrow.

A friend from TeamSarah sent it to me. Just powerful...

Hugs and happy Thanksgiving!!


Jean M. Heimann said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Ebeth!

Have a beautiful and blessed one!