Friday, November 07, 2008

Saint of the Day: St. Maura

St. Maura was born at Troyes in Champagne in the ninth century. As a child, she was able through her example and ferverent prayers, to convert her entire family to Christ. After her father's death, she cared for her mother as well as serving the poor and the Church.

St. Maura was devoted to prayer and spent almost the whole morning in the church, adoring God, praying to her divine Redeemer, and meditating on the circumstances of His sacred life and passion. She enjoyed sacred vestments, trimming the lamps, and preparing wax for the altar. Every Wednesday and Friday she fasted, allowing herself no other sustenance than bread and water, and she walked barefoot to the monastery of Mantenay, where she prayed a long time in the church, with the most perfect humility.

So wonderful was her gift of tears, that whenever she prayed, they streamed from her eyes in torrents. God performed many miracles in her favor, but out of humility she would avoid all recognition or praise from humans. In her final hours, she received Extreme Unction and viaticum with much joy and love. She died on September 21, at the age of 23, praying the Our Father. Her relics and name are honored in several churches in France, and she is mentioned in the Gallican Martyrology.

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