Monday, November 24, 2008

Spanish woman shows homosexuality can be overcome

CNA STAFF, Nov 24, 2008 (CNA).- Marta Lozano is the courageous author of, “A Story About Abuse and Homosexuality,” a book in which she recounts her own life and how she regained peace after struggling for years with her own homosexual tendencies. She shared her testimony in an exclusive interview with CNA.

Lozano said she decided to write the book to “help those who live tormented by a feeling of shame and/or guilt, who feel excluded or different, either because they have been victims of physical or psychological violence or because they have experienced a homosexual attraction which they neither sought nor desired.”

In her case, “it was the unbearable pain and profound unease that led me to ask for help. I could have channeled this pain in a different way, for example, by falling into deep bitterness or trying to harm others or myself, but luckily that didn’t happen. The only thing I regret is not having begun this journey sooner, since shame and loneliness are demolition machines that destroy you inside and isolate you from the world,” she said. MORE

Are you or a loved one experiencing homosexual attractions and looking for answers?

Courage, an apostolate of the Roman Catholic Church, ministers to those with same-sex attractions and their loved ones. Learn more here.


Bill said...

THis is not what the media and the liberal left want to hear, so you know it will never go anywhere.

Jean M. Heimann said...

I'm happy that she has the courage to speak out and share the truth with us.