Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009: A Big Year for Abortion Legislation

PLATTSBURGH -- This is expected to be the most challenging year the anti-abortion movement has faced in modern times. Christopher Slattery, founder and president of Expectant Mother Care FrontLine Pregnancy Centers in the Bronx, told a crowd of about 160 at St. John's Church that this is a big year, a year of change. Anti-abortion supporters need to work harder than ever before to prevent passage of the Freedom of Choice Act, which has the support of President-elect Barack Obama."It makes Roe v. Wade look like a kindergarten bill," Slattery said.It would overturn every single abortion restriction passed in all 50 states, he said, more than 500 laws. It could also lead to resumption of federal funding of abortions through Medicaid, something that hasn't been allowed since Congress passed the Hyde amendment in 1976. The act is likely to lead to an increase of about 150,000 abortions each year, Slattery said. Click here to read the entire article.

What You can do to stop FOCA:

We, as a people of life, need to band together to do everything we can to prevent FOCA from passing. If you haven't signed the petition to fight FOCA, please do so immediately. Just click on the "Fight FOCA" icon on the left hand sidebar of this blog. Participate in the novena to stop FOCA. Pray and fast daily for the defeat of FOCA. Write your congressmen. The Bishops’ Committee on Pro- Life Activities has authorized a national pro- life postcard cam­paign against FOCA. Launching on January 24 -­25, 2009, this massive campaign is being coordinated by the USCCB’s Secretariat of Pro - Life Activities and the National Committee for a Human Life Amendment ( NCH­LA). Our parish participated in this postcard campaign this past Sunday. Other parishes may schedule it for a different weekend in January. Be sure to find out when it will be held in your parish and sign the postcards, which will be sent to your congressmen. If your parish has already held this campaign and you weren't there or did not receive a postcard, it's not too late to participate. Contact your parish and sign the postcards. Be sure to check your parish bulletin for the date of the postcard campaign in your parish.

For More Information:

National Pro-Life Postcard Campaign to Congress at the USCCB website

Pray to Stop FOCA Video: Dr. Mark Miravalle -- It's not too late to start the novena -- just pray for nine days

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