Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FOCA Activism Day

The ‘Freedom of Choice’ Act will…

• Nullify requirements that abortionists be licensed physicians...WTF?!
• Eliminate health and safety regulations for abortion clinics...WTF?!
• Nullify parental consent and notification laws...WTF?!
• Invalidate laws to inform patients...WTF?!
• Repeal the Hyde Amendment: Taxpayers will pay for abortions...WTF?!
• Remove waiting periods...WTF?!
• Prohibit bans on abortion after viability...WTF?!
• Remove protections for physicians and hospitals that refuse to participate in abortions...WTF?!
• Repeal the Partial Birth Abortion Ban...WTF?!

A recent Harris poll shows that 82% of Americans want abortion to be either illegal under all circumstances or limited in its legality. -- FOCA would effectively remove all limitations on abortion

Learn more at What The FOCA?

Share the truth about FOCA with everyone today.

1 comment:

HeadCoverGirl said...

FOCA is so horrible! I'm with you 100%. I wonder what will happen if it passes and the majority of Christians don't agree. I wonder if people will start refusing to pay taxes which go to providing these abortions? I hope so!