Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Prevention First Act

Thomas Peters at American Papist has the scoop on this. He describes it as being worse than FOCA.

Select things the Prevention First Act (PFA) will do:

Make Title X (family planning) a permanent program and fund it at $700 million or more.
Mandate that health insurance programs that cover prescriptions must cover abortifacient contraceptives.
Create a government program to push abortifacient "Emergency Contraception."
Take all federal money away from any hospital that refuses to administer the abortifacient Emergency Contraception to victims of rape.
Create additional massive government funding for Planned Parenthood style sex education programs (abstinence-only programs are specifically excluded from funding). Permanently include family planning services as part of the Medicaid program.

Read the rest at American Papist.

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vista said...

PFA also explicitly mandates that hospital staff must lie by telling women that "emergency contraception does not cause an abortion" (SEC. 502.b.1.A.).