Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Senate Defeats Pro-Life Amendment to Restore Mexico City Policy

Washington, DC ( -- On Wednesday, members of the U.S. Senate defeated an amendment sponsored by pro-life members to restore the Mexico City Policy that President Barack Obama rescinded last week. The policy prevents taxpayers from funding groups like Planned Parenthood that promote or perform abortions overseas.

Sen. Mel Martinez, a Republican from Florida, drafted an amendment offered to the SCHIP bill to ask members of the Senate to override Obama's executive order.

The Senate defeated the Martinez amendment on a 60-37 vote with only one Democrat, Sen Bill Nelson of Nebraska, joining most of the chamber's Republicans to support it. Article

This isn't surprising, but I am happy that they brought it up for a vote. As expected, both Kansas congressmen voted "Yea." Check out the list in the article to see how your congressmen voted.

Then take ACTION: 1) Contact your members of the Senate by going to and responding to how they voted on using your money to fund pro-abortion groups promoting and performing abortions overseas. See below for the Senate roll call. 2) Contact members of the House by going to and urging strong support for HR 708 to restore the Mexico City Policy.

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Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Yes, but my Senator (Webb) ran as a Pro Lifer!