Tuesday, March 31, 2009

'57 grad of Notre Dame Phil Donohue Debates Fr. Morris on ND Scandal

This is a must see debate between ND alum and fallen away Catholic Phil Donohue and Fox News religion analyst Father Jonathan Morris, on the controversial decision of the University of Notre Dame to invite President Obama to give this year's commencement address. I saw this on Facebook the other day and am glad it's out on YouTube now.

Phil Donohue talks about everything but the real issue at hand. Fr. Morris consistently tries to get him back on track by stating he would love to discuss these issues with Donohue another time, but the topic here is Obama's opposition to Life in context with being honored at Notre Dame.

It's on YouTube in two parts:

H/T: Jill Stanek


Bill said...

War can be debated, murder of innocient unborn babies can not be debated!

Walter said...

This is painful to watch. He brings up all the liberal cliche criticism. mostly untrue, again and again. This man, Donohue, needs prayer.