Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Arizona Attorney General to Investigate Sexual Abuse Cover Up at Planned Parenthood

The Arizona Attorney General's Office has opened an investigation into Planned Parenthood, after the student-led nonprofit Live Action released videos with undercover footage from three Planned Parenthood of Arizona facilities. The footage shows employees at two Planned Parenthood facilities in Phoenix, AZ and one in Tucson, AZ disregarding mandatory reporting laws for sexual abuse, and offering secret abortions to sexually abused minors. (The videos can be viewed at

Live Action has sent complete footage from all three facilities to County Attorneys in Pima and Maricopa and to the Arizona Attorney General for use in prosecution. In response to receiving footage from the Tucson clinic, the office of the Pima County Attorney stated in a letter to Live Action that "this matter is under review and consideration by the Attorney General."

State courts have found Planned Parenthood of Arizona negligent before for failing to report sexual abuse. Arizona law requires state authorities to be contacted immediately if an adult-child sexual relationship is revealed. In response to Planned Parenthood's repeated violations, Arizona Right to Life is organizing a major protest on Sunday to draw attention to the abortion provider's disregard for the law.

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Bill said...

Is this a true investigation or just a Kangaroo Court to appease the pro-life people?