Sunday, March 29, 2009

Notre Dame Alumni Protest Obama Invitation

A Notre Dame alumni group has inititiated a protest against their alma mater for inviting Barack Obama to give the commencement address and offer him an honorary degree.

Project Sycamore is urging protest of Notre Dame's decision.

Here is their letter to ND President Fr. Jenkins:

We wish to express our astonished dismay at, and deep disappointment in, the decision to invite President Barack Obama to deliver this year’s Commencement Address and to confer upon him an honorary degree.

President Obama’s statements and executive and legislative actions identify him as unremittingly hostile to the moral claims of the unborn and accordingly to a central teaching of the Catholic Church. By virtue of his position, he is now the nation’s leading champion of virtually unrestricted abortion rights. Notre Dame is the nation’s leading Catholic institution. Its action will be publicized widely by enemies of the Church and by pro-abortion advocates as a sign that the pro-life position is too “inflexible.” Notre Dame will be praised by condescending secularists and anti-life advocates for its display of “tolerance.” But to those who honor steadfast commitment to principle and respect for the lives of the unborn, the University’s action will be seen as the sacrifice of fundamental moral values in an opportunistic grasp for secular acclaim and, perhaps, federal favor.

This is not, we stress, a question of whether to interdict the President of the United States at the gates of the University or of withholding the respect to which he is entitled. It is, rather, a matter of according honor to one whose views on abortion are morally repellant to the Church to which the University claims fealty, to the Church’s faithful members, and to countless loyal alumni of the University and others of its extended family.

No matter any disclaimers by the University or what President Obama says, the ineradicable facts that will stamp this occasion are the University’s decision to inscribe in the University roll of honorees the name of the most pro-abortion President in the nation’s history and its choice of him as the person to speak to the 2009 graduates about the values they should hold dear. This compromising action gravely diminishes Notre Dame. It profoundly wounds its claim to be a Catholic institution. It strikes with incalculable cost at the pride of its graduates. We protest.


More Information:

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Bill said...

I posted a comment on the Notre Dame page asking the Alumni to get Fr. Jenkins replaced with someone who is truley Catholic. Why not, didn't they get a football coach replaced who was not performing?

Colleen said...

This letter is so well written and speaks to the issue so well. I applaud these students. God bless them. And God bless you for posting it.

Jane said...

I'm glad some alumni are protesting, but honestly, a letter is not going to do anything. Fr. Jenkins said he knew the uproar and the protesting would come. He is not phased by it at all. Unfortunately, it's money that talks. These alumni should give their (very eloquent) protest some teeth and let ND know that they will no longer support the school monetarily. They will no longer purchase ND footbal gear. They will not encourage their children to attend ND. They will not use businesses that sponsor ND football. This is the way to get the message across to these people.