Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bishop Finn: Culture of Life Quote of the Day

"As I speak a word of encouragement today I also want to tell you soberly, dear friends, 'We are at war!'"

"The 'battle between believers,' who claim a certain 'common ground' with us, while at the same time, they attack the most fundamental tenets of the Church's teachings, or disavow the natural law - this opposition is one of the most discouraging, confusing, and dangerous."

"Occasionally we still hear an elected official speak of his or her personal opposition to abortion, while they support the legal right to an abortion."

"We should be very clear: Such a person places him or herself completely OUTSIDE the moral framework, the moral imperative of Evangelium Vitae and other Church teaching on these issues. ... They have abandoned their place in the citizenship of the Church. Quite simply
they have become warriors for death rather than life."

~Bishop Robert Finn of the diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph speaking at the 2009 Gospel of Life Convention on Saturday.

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Bill said...

Fr. Jenkins is not a Catholic, he is not a Christian in any sense of the meaning. By his actions, I truely believe he is leading many people to hell.