Wednesday, May 27, 2009

KS Governor Parkinson Rushes to Defend Planned Parenthood!

I received the following information from our esteemed pro-life Kansas State Senator Tim Huelskamp, following Governor Parkinson's veto of the bill to defund Planned Parenthood: (It was quite enlightening to me, as I have only lived in KS for about 3 1/2 years.)

Back after George Bush was first elected in 2000, Mark Parkinson rushed forward and campaigned to serve as chairman of the Kansas Republican Party. He was elected to that job and promised to represent faithfully the values of the Republican Party.

Less than two years later, Parkinson was still the Republican Chairman when Kathleen Sebelius was elected Governor of Kansas. And after only just another three years - Mark Parkinson was Governor Sebelius' running mate! So much for integrity...

Given this less-than-principled background, I guess it was too much to expect that Governor Parkinson would somehow stand up for simple, honest-to-goodness family values when it comes to the issue of defunding Planned Parenthood.

But it was still very disappointing to see Gov. Parkinson - once the head of the pro-life party in Kansas - veto my amendment to cut off taxpayer subsidies to Planned Parenthood.

And even more shocking was that instead of working to DEFUND Planned Parenthood - the Governor rushed to DEFEND Planned Parenthood.

Because of their great work he said -- abortion rates go down! Hmmm...guess he just wants to ignore that PP runs one of only 4 abortion clinics in the state.

And also his veto claim - PP won't use THESE funds for abortions - so it is okay to give them another $300,000 of your money. Somehow the Governor must want us to ignore that PP does 120 abortions for every ONE adoption referral...

Or his completely false claim that these monies are a federal entitlement - what part of federal GRANT doesn't he understand?!

Friend, as the parents of four adopted children - my wife and I are keenly aware of the shocking racist heritage of PP. Margaret Sanger and her sucessors firmly believed that our four children -- precisely because they are minorities - are better off dead than alive.

So my wife Angela and I are so disappointed in how close we came to defunding PP. But let me be clear on two points:

We won't give up on taking on Planned Parenthood. They continue to face more than 100 criminal charges in Kansas alone. And we have uncovered hundreds of failures to report sexual abuse of our young children...

And one other pledge. Unlike Governor Parkinson, I will never sell out the unborn child. Fighting for their lives is not just a political preference - it is a bedrock principle!!

But rest assured, taking on Planned Parenthood has put me at the top of their political hit list. They will stop at nothing to destroy my efforts to fight for what is right.

No other state legislator in the nation has engaged in the battle against Planned Parenthood like we have...and I thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

Let's continue to pray for and support
State Senator Tim Huelskamp and all our pro-life legislators who are working so hard to defend the sanctity of human life.


Bill said...

Sounds like Senator Huesskamp is someone I like.

Jean M. Heimann said...

Me, too! :) We must support him in every way we can!