Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

The MacDonald family can tell us a thing or 2 about surviving abortion. The story begins in 1968, when Jenn MacDonald's mother attempted to abort her, but felt too guilty to finish the job. Jenn says...

Unmarried, still in high school, and alone she tried to abort me, but in 1968 abortion was still illegal. The "procedure" didn't work and she was supposed to return the next week to try again. Being raised Catholic, she "got the guilts" and didn't return. But for God's grace, I would have been thrown out with the trash. Read the rest at Jill's blog.

Recently 2 of Jenn's children submitted video entries for Lia Mills' Challenge to Pro-Life Youth Contest.

The video by Jenn's 7-year-old son is at the top of this post.

Jenn's 11-year-old daughter composed a song that she worked on for months...

H/T: Jill Stanek

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Suzanne said...

Oh, Jean! There are no words that can add to that. Thank God their grandmother was brave enough not to go back. It just dawned on mother was adopted. I don't know the full details..something about too poor to keep her...I would imagine she may have been aborted today the way things are. I would like to take a moment to pray for my most likely deceased grandmother that I never knew and ask God to make sure her soul is in Heaven for doing the right thing. :) As usual, Jean, thank you for being such good Church Militant! God bless you and this little family very much.