Sunday, May 31, 2009

Video: Fr. Frank Pavone on Tiller's Murder

Fr. Pavone makes some good points here. This statement is more expansive than the one on the previous post and offers pro-lifers some words of wisdom.

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Bill said...

I do not condone the killing of anyone and I don’t know of anyone who would. I heard the captured the alleged killer early this after noon.

Even though he allegedly pulled the trigger, just who was responsible for his death? Yes, he is and was responsible for his own actions, but I know many people are upset about how Tiller always was able to break the law and still get by with it. May I be so bold as to suggest that maybe our former governor Sebelius could also be guilty? How she protected him at all stages in turn for campaign contributions to stay in power. And now our current governor Parkinson who veto’s legislation from the legislator and continues to fund Planned Parenthood. Or perhaps the district attorney of Sedgwick County and other politicians who blocked justice being done.

I’m afraid the press and those in power will blame the pro-life movement, when they are the ones with the blood on their hands.