Saturday, June 27, 2009

For Sale on Ebay: Obama's 'Kenyan birth certificate'

With dozens of lawsuits filed over access to Barack Obama's certified long-form birth certificate, many more lawyers working on his behalf to keep it secret and the validity of the U.S. Constitution hanging in the balance, guess where a "certified copy" of the original Mombasa "document" has been found?

On eBay.

Item No. 160344374585, at least as of today, is described as "a certified copy of President Barack Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate."

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Secular Heretic said...

Does this mean the US will fly the Kenyan flag or will they just arrest this guy?

Bill said...

If the white house occupant has nothing to hide, why has he spent over $1 Million to a law firm in New York City to intimidate anyone who questions this?

If the white house occupant has nothing to hide, why does he have his private gestapo (ACORN) threaten physical violence to anyone who questions this?

smrstrauss said...

This was all a hoax. The seller described the birth certificate as "certified," but the seller also said that it was obtained from the hospital in Mombassa. Hospitals do not certify their documents.

Lee Strong said...

Hmm. Maybe he's keeping it hidden in the Ark of the Covenant that was supposed to be revealed last week. :-)