Monday, July 06, 2009

Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents: A Home–Based Comprehensive Course for Older Adolescents

Written by Richard Wetzel, M.D.
Published by Sex Education for Advanced Beginners, Inc.
Publication Date: 2009
222 pages

“The world needed a sexual revolution, but got the wrong one. We needed the one based on truth and love, the one Pope John Paul II presented in The Theology of the Body. Instead, we got one based on lies, pleasure, and freedom, which has turned into a hideous monster of a revolution marred by rampant diseases, death, divorce, abortions, sexual enslavement, etc., which is sweeping away hopelessly ignorant young people in droves and robbing them of the awesome potential of an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.”

These are the words of Richard Wetzel, M.D. in his new book, Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents, which was written specifically to address the catastrophic crisis in Catholic sexuality education today.

In Sexual Wisdom for Catholic Adolescents, Dr. Wetzel, a devout Catholic physician, who has been a chastity educator for the last 20 years, provides parents with a comprehensive, intimate, one-on-one program which they can use with their children, personalizing it in their own way, sharing their own tales, experiences, struggles, and knowledge to present an individualized course of instruction.

The curriculum Dr. Wetzel presents is very unique from other courses that have been around for decades that cater to the needs of younger adolescents (13 – 14 year olds) in group settings and are necessarily restricted in scope. While these programs are valuable and vital, Dr. Wetzel’s curriculum addresses the needs of older adolescents (17 – 18 year olds) in an individualized, comprehensive manner, presenting the whole story of human sexuality, leaving nothing out.

To say that I was impressed with the wide range of material presented in this book would be an understatement. Dr. Wetzel shares clear, concise, candid, and complete information on: the biology of human sexuality (which is accompanied by beautiful, full color illustrations); sex without love, pre-marital sex, pornography, artificial contraception and sterilization, natural family planning, abortion, misconceptions about sexuality, sexual addiction and sexual abuse, homosexuality, sexual codependency, victims of the sexual revolution, good sex, sexual morality, the four levels of happiness, and entertainment and dating guidelines for teens. He effectively engages the reader and shares the truth of the Catholic teachings on sexual morality through: personal stories, the words of the saints, Catholic prayers, excerpts from the Bible, the Catholic Catechism, and papal encyclicals.

Sexual Wisdom for Adolescents was specifically written for older teens and young adults, but anyone who reads it will learn valuable information that they won’t find anywhere else. It is an essential resource for all Catholics – a treasure chest of information containing keen insights that will aid in their spiritual growth and understanding of human sexuality in our culture today.

I believe that every parent who reads this book will wish they would have had this curriculum as a teenager. Every teen who reads this book will be thankful to their parents for giving them the tools to know the truth of the Catholic teachings and to enjoy the beautiful gift of human sexuality as it was meant to be experienced.

I highly recommend this book and encourage homeschooling groups, parents’ groups, dioceses, high schools, parishes, and other organizations to take advantage of the publisher’s pledge – a special offer, which is available at Dr. Wetzel’s website .

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