Thursday, July 30, 2009

Who are the uninsured? Is Obama Care the solution?

This video report by National Center for Policy Analysis President & CEO and Kellye Wright Fellow John C. Goodman in a Fox News story on the uninsured in America confirms what I thought about it. Most of the uninsured are illegal immigrants, those who have been laid off (as a result of the current economic crisis), and those who don't bother to get it because they feel they don't need it or don't bother to sign up for it (when they can get it for free!). Health insurance can be expensive for those on a fixed income -- I know this from my own experiences. My family has been without health insurance for long periods of time at different times in our lives when my husband was without work due to job cuts or layoffs in the manufacturing field, but we survived and God provided for us. Today, Cobra is now less expensive than it used to be and there are now more affordable health insurance programs available tailor-made to each family's needs. Continuing to provide better, more affordable health insurance programs in this country is important.

What we don't need now is a health care reform plan that totally bankrupts our economy, pays for abortions, encourages euthanasia, rations care to the handicapped, makes us wait months or years before we can see a doctor, gives the federal government access to our bank accounts, and encourages companies to layoff even more workers. Just say "No!" to Obama death care.

What Obama death care will do:

* Result in the biggest expansion of abortion since
the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision...

* Force YOU to pay for abortions through your tax
dollars -- something 71% of Americans oppose...

* Implement a cornerstone of FOCA -- the Freedom of
Choice Act -- that would lead to a massive,
taxpayer-subsidized abortion industry bailout...

* Force you and virtually all Americans into health
plans with mandatory abortion coverage (health
care reform legislation must explicitly exclude
abortion in writing or else abortion automatically
becomes a minimum required benefit.)

What can you do about it?

It is very important that you -- and record numbers
of people -- do 2 things RIGHT NOW:

1. E-MAIL your Representative and 2 Senators and
tell them in no uncertain terms: "Keep abortion
out of health care! Any health care reform bill
must include language that explicitly excludes
abortion." It's easy to do -- just go to:

2. CALL the Washington office and the local office
of your Representative and 2 Senators to say:
"Keep abortion out of health care. I urge you to
oppose any health care bill unless abortion is
explicitly excluded." Get tips and look up your
elected officials at:

If each of us does these two things today -- and
encourages others to do these things -- we can
make a powerful impact at a crucial moment.

Go to now!

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Bill said...

They (socialists) want all illegal aliens added to the Osama-care.