Thursday, October 29, 2009

Breaking News: Bishops Call for Massive Catholic Opposition to Abortion in Health Care Reform

PTL! This is wonderful news:
WASHINGTON, D.C. (Catholic Online) - An E-mail directive has been sent from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Pro-Life Activities Secretariat mobilizing every parish in the United States of America. It contains an urgent message which is to be distributed in every parish this weekend and announced at every single Mass. This massive and urgent appeal may be unprecedented in our history as Catholics in America. It is an effort to mobilize the Catholic faithful on an urgent matter of public policy concerning the fundamental and foundational human right to life.

The E-Mail specifically asks that no parish opt out of this initiative. 

Click here to read the entire story. 



SCJM said...

Hello Friends congratulate them on their blog and I hope to have the opportunity to visit ours when you have time, our blog's mission is to comfort those who suffer and today is a brief biography of St. Philomena.

For now we are his followers and we will be watching their publications.


Tracy said...

Excellent, thank you for posting about this, it is VERY important!!