Thursday, December 24, 2009

Crossing the Rubicon: Michael Voris

 Every civilization reaches a point of no return, a point where the nail is hammered into the coffin. That time is now for the USA.

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Desert Padre said...

There is still time for Catholic and other Christian voices to be heard. The Senate and House versions of the HCR bill are not in accord when it comes to the federal funding of abortion. The two disparate bills will enter committee meetings in order to hash out these differences before a final version can be presented to the President. Stand up NOW for the pre-born, for the health of women! Let the politicians (who have, up till now,ignored the will of the American people)know that abortion is not health care. The millions of innocent lives lost to the holocaust of abortion cry out for justice. That justice is only possible in a republic that refuses to turn its back on the defenseless. Make your choice for LIFE!
-Fr. Lee O. Wernsing, OCCO+