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Today on Catholic Fire February 27, 2009

Lenten Quote of the Day

Spanish Couple could be third one to be canonized


Anyone Against Abortion, Raise Your Hand

Obama Starts Process of Removing Doctors' Protections

Catholic Carnival 213...

"Catholic" Universities Celebrating Porn, Promiscuity?

St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows

Lenten Quote of the Day

"Nothing, how little so ever it be, if it is suffered for God's sake, can pass without merit in the sight of God."

~ Thomas a Kempis

Spanish Couple could be third one to be canonized

Cardinal Rouco opens cause of canonization for Spanish couple


Anyone Against Abortion, Raise Your Hand

Obama Starts Process of Removing Doctors' Protections

Washington, DC -- The White House quietly announced on Friday that President Barack Obama is starting the process of overturning protections President Bush put in place to make sure medical staff and centers are not forced to do abortions. The move is the latest that will add to Obama's growing pro-abortion record.

Existing federal laws already make it so doctors and hospitals are not required to perform abortions. Because those laws aren't always followed, the Bush administration added additional protections.

Now, the Obama administration is starting the process to remove them.

Full story here.

What will he think of next to promote the culture of death?

Catholic Carnival 213...

is up at Sanctus Christopher. Be sure to stop over there and read all the great Lenten posts.

"Catholic" Universities Celebrating Porn, Promiscuity?

MANASSAS, VA, ( - As Christians worldwide kneel in prayer to begin the holy season of Lent, students at three Jesuit Catholic universities are busy celebrating extramarital sex, homosexuality, cross-dressing and pornography, the Cardinal Newman Society has revealed.

From February 23 to 28, Georgetown University is hosting "Sex Positive Week," sponsored by feminist and homosexual student clubs.

On Monday, the event "Sex Positive … What's That?" featured a speaker from Black Rose, an organization "which provides a forum for the many different expressions of power in love and play. This can include dominance & submission, bondage & discipline, fetishism, cross-dressing, to name a few."

Yesterday's talk, on Ash Wednesday, "Torn About Porn?" was advertised to include "discussion about arguably alternative forms of pornography that are not supposed to be exploitative, but rather radical and empowering."

On Saturday, February 28, pornographic film director Tristan Taormino will speak at the university on "Relationships Beyond Monogamy" - one day after speaking in downtown Washington, D.C., about "Anal Pleasure 101." She will discuss her book "Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships" with Jenny Block, author of "Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage." Taormino is also the author of "True Lust: Adventures in Sex, Porn and Perversion." MORE

What kind of topics are these for a Catholic to be pondering at any time -- much less at Lent? Porn...empowering?! What ever happened to teaching John Paul II's Theology of the Body? These putrid topics are unbelievably disgusting and are in total opposition to Catholic teaching. Why not host talks on self-giving love and the beauty of the marital union?

To voice your concern /complaint:


Georgetown University
President John J. DeGioia
Office of the President
204 Healy Hall 37th & O Streets, NW
Washington, DC 20057
Tel: (202) 687-4134
Fax: (202) 687-6660

Seattle University

President Sundborg SJ, Stephen
President's Office
901 12th Avenue, P.O. Box 222000
Seattle, WA 98122-1090
Administration Building 109
(206) 296-1891

Loyola University

Michael J. Garanzini SJ President
Phone: 1 - 312 - 915-6400

St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows

Also known as Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother; Gabriel Possenti; Francis Possenti; Francesco Possenti

Francis Possenti was the eleventh of thirteen children born to Agnes and Sante, a well-to-do professional and respected Catholic family, in Assisi, Italy on March 1, 1838.

He was baptized in the same font in which St. Francis of Assisi had been baptized. His later life would mirror that of Francis -- as he turned from the pleasures and excesses of this world to the glory of the next.

Francis grew up in a household where devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows was a part of his everyday family life. He lived the life of a typical teenager, becoming popular for his warm and outgoing personality, his love of dancing, hunting and the theater.

During a procession of an icon of the Mother of Sorrows, Francis heard Our Lady speak to him and tell him that he was not meant to live in the world, but God desired him to become a religious. On the night that his father had arranged for him to become engaged, Francis departed, leaving his home to enter the Passionate novitiate. His journey, however, was delayed by well-intentioned relatives, who attempted to dissuade Francis from joining the order. Nevertheless, he was able to overcome all their arguments and persuade them of the genuine nature of his religious vocation.

Francis took vows in the Passionist community, taking the name of Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, reflecting the devotion -- planted in his childhood home by his mother's image of the Pieta that he always had to Our Lady of Sorrows. In the novitiate he cultivated a great love for Christ Crucified and Our Lady of Sorrows. Gabriel attained holiness in a very short space of time; he was consumed with love for Christ, through Our Lady of Sorrows. Indeed as well as the vow made by all Passionists to spread devotion to Christ Crucified, Gabriel took an additional vow to spread devotion to Our Sorrowful Mother.

His writings reflect his close relationship with God and His Mother, especially his Resolutions which detail in great precision the method he used to attain such unity with the Passion of Christ and perfection of the Passionist rule. As a Passionist he grew daily in love with Our Lord and Mary, the Virgin of Sorrows and soon came to the perfection of Christian virtue.

He died from tuberculosis at the young age of 24. Saint Gabriel is remarkable because he obediently and willingly converted in a very short time from a life of excess, devoted to the pleasures of this world, to becoming inextricably linked to the Passion of Our Lord. He shows us that we are all blessed with the graces to fall in love with Our Lord, no matter what the cost.

Pope Benedict XV canonized Gabriel in 1920 and declared him a patron of Catholic youth. His patronage is also invoked by the Church for students, seminarians, novices and clerics. Saint Gemma Galgani held that it was St. Gabriel who had cured her of a disease and led her to a Passionist vocation.

Message from St. Gabriel:

“Love Mary! She is lovable, faithful, constant. She will never let herself be outdone in love, but will ever remain supreme. If you are in danger, she will hasten to free you. If you are troubled, she will console you. If you are sick, she will bring you relief. If you are in need, she will help you. She does not look to see what kind of person you have been. She simply comes to a heart that wants to love her. She comes quickly and opens her merciful heart to you, embraces you and consoles and serves you. She will even be at hand to accompany you on the trip to eternity.”

~ Saint Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother

Prayer to Saint Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother

O good St. Gabriel, God inspired you to love the passion of Jesus as it was reflected in the heart of Mary, his mother. By her side, you stood beneath the cross of Jesus, gazing on him as she did, and sharing her compassion. O St. Gabriel, we wish, like you, to grow in love for God and all his people. Remember us in the trials of our life. Remember especially those who are young and in need. Support us, all our days, by your holy prayers. And when this life is done, may we join you in heaven in the joyful company of Jesus and Mary. Amen.

For more information on St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother go here.

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Today on Catholic Fire - February 26, 2009

The Mystery on the Hill - Updated

Win a Free Book for Lent!

Lenten Quote of the Day

A Pro-Life Prayer for Our President and Public Officials

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday tradition at Aventino

Practices of Lent

Video: Marriage

Culture of Life Quote of the Day

Novena begins for Proposition 8 legal case

The Mystery on the Hill - Updated

A mystery is brewing over the appearance of Sen. Sam Brownback’s John Hancock on an inflammatory letter questioning the religious bona fides of prominent pro-abortion-rights Catholic Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry.

The missive — signed on official-­looking letterhead that reads “United States Senator Sam Brownback (Republican-Kansas)” — takes issue with Catholic Dems who support the Freedom of Choice Act, which would codify Roe v. Wade.

“Real Catholics need a new voice — not the likes of Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi who have campaigned as Catholics while voting to undermine the values we hold most dear,” Brownback (apparently) wrote in a fundraising appeal on behalf of the conservative Catholic Advocate newspaper. Read the Rest at Politico.

If Brownback did write that, all I have to say is good for him! I couldn't agree more! Isn't it odd that when someone speaks the truth it's described as "inflammatory"? Let's all continue to pray for the conversion of all our pro-abort politicians.


D.C. Group Files Complaint Against Sen. Brownback

A Washington group has filed a complaint with the U.S. Senate Ethics Committee against Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback.

The complaint was filed Wednesday by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW. It concerns a recent anti-abortion fundraising letter sent out under Brownback's name.
The letter criticizes Democratic senators who are Catholic but support abortion rights.

The letter was from a conservative group, Catholic Advocate, but it contained Brownback's name and title. CREW contends the mailing violates a Senate rule against members using their letterhead for fundraising appeals.

Brownback spokesman Brian Hart said the senator asked Catholic Advocate to stop using the letter even before CREW complained. He also said Brownback's office believes there was no violation of Senate rules.

Writing a truthful letter on the wrong stationery is certainly much more evil than advocating abortion -- the murder of 3,750 babies each day in the United States.

Win a Free Book for Lent!

The new Mary Moments is up. If you haven't had a chance to visit, today's the day to get on over there!

You can win a book by leaving a comment, and you get a second chance to win if you link to the Mary Moments from your blog ( Just leave the link in the comments over there).

The chance to win a book, however, isn't the primary reason to visit. Like Mary Moments of the past, this one has links to many posts and articles that are helpful, Mary-centered, and inspiring. The theme is Lent and Easter and this is a wonderful way to begin the season of Lent.

Lenten Quote of the Day

The more we have denied ourselves during the day, the nearer we are each evening to the heart of our Lord.

A Pro-Life Prayer for Our President and Public Officials

Lord God, Author of Life and Source of Eternal Life, move the hearts of all our public officials and especially our President, to fulfill their responsibilities worthily and well to all those entrusted to their care. Help them in their special leadership roles, to extend the mantle of protection to the most vulnerable, especially the defenseless unborn, whose lives are threatened with extermination by an indifferent society. Guide all public officials by your wisdom and grace to cease supporting any law that fails to protect the fundamental good that is human life itself, which is a gift from God and parents. You are the Protector and Defender of the lives of the innocent unborn. Change the hearts of those who compromise the call to protect and defend life. Bring our nation to the values that have made us a great nation, a society that upholds the values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all. Mary, the Mother of the living, help us to bear witness to the Gospel of Life with our lives and our laws, through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

Imprimatur: January 22, 2009 + Most Reverend Robert J. Baker Bishop of Birmingham in Alabama

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday tradition at Aventino

May Lent, a time marked by the frequent listening of the Word of God and intense prayer be a stimulus for conversion and true love toward our bothers, especially the poor and those in need.This was the reflection offered by Benedict XVI during the Eucharist that opened Lent with the rite of the blessing and the distribution of the Ashes after the penitential procession from the church of St. Anselm to the Basilica of Saint Sabina (Aventino).During the homily the Pope traced out the features of Lent in reference to the Pauline year, the bi-millennia anniversary of St. Paul's birth.


Practices of Lent

Video: Marriage

Culture of Life Quote of the Day

"Sexuality is the maximum expression of love between two persons of the opposite sex and that maximum expression means total and absolute donation of one person to another; one person to another forever. And that is called marriage, which in turn, is the origin of the family. For this reason to play around with sexuality is to play around with the source of life, and to therefore destroy the family, which is the source of society, and in the end, to destroy society as well."

~ Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan, President of the Pontifical Council for Health Care

Novena begins for Proposition 8 legal case

The San Francisco-based group Catholics for the Common Good has announced a novena of prayer and fasting for the seven California Supreme Court justices who are considering three lawsuits filed to overturn Proposition 8.

Catholics for the Common Good describes itself as “a new Catholic Action based on the social teachings of the Catholic Church.” It is different from the Washington, DC-based group Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good.

The novena began on Ash Wednesday and will last through Thursday, March 5, when the California Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the lawsuits challenging Proposition 8. Article

You can find the Novena for the Protection of Marriage here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today on Catholic Fire -- February 25, 2009

Judge Rejects Motion to Dismiss Charges Against Tiller

Notre Dame Ethics Prof Reveals Groundbreaking Pro-Life Academic Program in the Works


Photographic Exhibition Dedicated to John Paul II

Vatican Spiritual Exercises Underway March 1st

Lord and Giver of Life Conference Featuring Fr. John Corapi

Ash Wednesday -- Into the Desert

Judge Rejects Motion to Dismiss Charges Against Tiller

Wichita, Kansas, Kansans for Life -- Today Sedgwick County Judge Clarke Owens rejected motions to dismiss 19 charges against late-term abortionist George Tiller.

Kansans for Life Executive Director, Mary Kay Culp breathed a sigh of relief. "This is a judge who has examined everything both sides had to offer and remained convinced the prosecution was proper. We can only hope that the state Supreme Court will not again open their door to Tiller when he comes knocking this week for extraordinary intervention, as we predict he will do." The trial is scheduled to begin March 16.

About a year ago, Tiller’s attorneys made a motion to dismiss all the charges against Tiller. The attorneys called witness after witness including two former Attorneys General. They questioned every document and questioned every witness until all options were exhausted. They made several implications, innuendos, and suppositions about the charges trying to detract from the actual evidence.

Judge Clark Owens listened patiently to all the witnesses and all the arguments. Seldom did he overrule an objection and actually extended extra time to Tiller’s attorneys when they requested it. Judge Owens studied voluminous documents.

The result: The highest paid attorneys, working for the infamous George Tiller, presenting their best case and bringing all their powerful influence; could not get the charges dismissed. The Rule of Law is still alive in Sedgwick County.

Tiller will be going to trial.

AND he will be tried on the evidence and the merits of the case – period.

Finally, be aware that Tiller’s attorneys do not want the real evidence submitted to the Court, so we are sure there will be many more objections, appeals, and other antics designed to delay the inevitable.

But today, we thank God for Judge Owens’ ruling.


Let's continue to pray for Tiller's conversion and for the closing of his late-term abortion mill.

Notre Dame Ethics Prof Reveals Groundbreaking Pro-Life Academic Program in the Works

LifeSiteNews.Com -An innovative academic program designed to equip the next generation of pro-life advocates is one of the initiatives in store for the University of Notre Dame's new Human Life Fund, said Dr. David Solomon in an interview with (LSN) yesterday.

Professor Solomon, a deeply pro-life philosopher who has been teaching ethics for over forty years, is the founder and head of the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture. He told LSN that pro-life associates at the university had been brainstorming for about a year on how to energize pro-life activity at the most prestigious Catholic school in America, before they arrived at the idea of the Fund and the academic program.

"Our big plan, which I think is very exciting - we want to start a two-year volunteer program at Notre Dame, where students can volunteer to do pro-life work in a crisis pregnancy center, or work for a diocese or a Catholic school, and we would give them three summers of training - legal, theology, philosophy, [etc.]," Solomon explained. After two years of work, candidates would receive a Master's degree correlating to their pro-life training. Article.

Wow! Now this is exciting!



Lenten Posts from Catholic Fire:

Adrienne's Catholic Corner post "Ash Wednesday" contains some great links for Lent.

Jimmy Akin shares his comprehensive list of Lenten links in every category imaginable in his "Welcome to Lent" post.

In My Daily Domestic Diigolet 02/25/2009, Elena at My Domestic Church shares several great posts for Lent.

If you have a Lenten post, feel free to share the link in the comment box below.

Photographic Exhibition Dedicated to John Paul II

A photographic exhibition entitled "Karol Wojtyla: Faith, Journey and Friendship; Excursions with Friends" was inaugurated in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Fatima, Portugal.

The proposal was made to the Shrine of Fatima by the Polish Embassy and the Portuguese Catholic University. It was inaugurated on February 13th, commemorating the day of Sister Lucia's death. Attending the inauguration were Dr. Katarzyna Skórznska, Ambassador of Poland in Portugal, António Marto, Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, Father Virgílio Antunes rector of the shrine, and many pilgrims.

“It portrays the life of Karol Wojtyla, who later became pontiff of the Church, during the years 1952 to '54 while he was responsible for pastoral activity at the University of Krakow. It is thematically organized in four journeys. The first is dedicated to the long walks that the one who would become Pope used to go on with the youth. Another is about skiing, a third dedicated to canoeing and, finally, a section on bike rides. It shows the Pope's activity while he was responsible for a youth group that he called ‘The Circle’.”

“In Poland, we even talk of a "John Paul II generation": the people who continue to gather with the goal of sharing the experiences they had with John Paul II. In addition, when John Paul II died, the youth expressed great sorrow.” Article

H/T: Carlos at Let's Get It Right

Vatican Spiritual Exercises Underway March 1st

The priest encounters Jesus and follows him: this is the theme that will guide the spiritual exercises at the Vatican, in which Pope Benedict XVI will himself participate. A period of spiritual meditations and intense prayer will be guided by Cardinal Francis Arinze, prefect emeritus of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. The exercises begin March 1st in the Redemptoris Mater Chapel of the Apostolic Palace with the celebration of Vespers, the introductory meditation, and Adoration and Benediction of the Eucharist. The retreat ends Saturday, March 7th with the final sermon and blessing. All pontifical audiences are suspended during these days.

Lord and Giver of Life Conference Featuring Fr. John Corapi

On August 15th, 2009, Father Corapi will return to Buffalo, NY for a one day conference. This is the only scheduled personal appearance of Fr. John Corapi in the year 2009. EWTN's Raymond Arroyo will also be giving a presentation at this rare event. Seating is limited, and we expect this conference to fill up fast!

Father Corapi will be preaching four sermons entitled:

1. Theology of the person and power of the Holy Spirit
2. The Gift who contains all Gifts
3. "The Holy Spirit is given to those that obey!"
4. "The Spirit we have is no cowardly spirit!"

For more information, go here.

Ash Wednesday -- Into the Desert

What the Church Says

Catechism of the Catholic Church, No. 1438: “The seasons and days of penance in the course of the liturgical year (Lent, and each Friday in memory of the death of the Lord) are intense moments of the Church’s penitential practice.

Fridays, Lent and Year Round

Canon 1250: “All Fridays through the year and the time of Lent are penitential days and times throughout the entire Church.”

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Penitential Practices for Today’s Catholics:

“Fridays During Lent — In the United States, the tradition of abstaining from meat on each Friday during Lent is maintained.

“Fridays Throughout the Year — In memory of Christ’s suffering and death, the Church prescribes making each Friday throughout the year a penitential day. All of us are urged to prepare appropriately for that weekly Easter that comes with each Sunday.”

Ash Wednesday, Good Friday

Canon 1251: “Abstinence from eating meat or another food according to the prescriptions of the conference of bishops is to be observed on Fridays throughout the year unless (nisi) they are solemnities; abstinence and fast are to be observed on Ash Wednesday and on the Friday of the Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Canon 1252: “All persons who have completed their 14th year are bound by the law of abstinence; all adults are bound by the law of fast up to the beginning of their 60th year. Nevertheless, pastors and parents are to see to it that minors who are not bound by the law of fast and abstinence are educated in an authentic sense of penance.”

Canon 1253: “It is for the conference of bishops to determine more precisely the observance of fast and abstinence and to substitute in whole or in part for fast and abstinence other forms of penance, especially works of charity and exercises of piety.”

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Penitential Practices for Today’s Catholics:

“Traditionally, the canonical obligation of fasting has been understood in the Church as the taking of only one full meal a day.”

These 40 Days...Guide for Lent

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Ash Wednesday: Entering into Intimacy With God

40 Days for Life begins on Ash Wednesday

Lenten Reading 2009

Favorite Quotes for Lent

Lenten Ideas 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Digest of Posts for February 23 - February 24

40 Days for Life begins on Ash Wednesday

Lenten Reading 2009

New NY Archbishop Receives Phone Call from Obama

Shrove Tuesday

New EWTN series for troubled marriages

Tiny miracles performed on hearts smaller than a pea

CINO, Pro-abort Kmiec Criticizes Holy Father

Slumdog Millionaire Review

Archbishop Timothy Dolan becomes new Archbishop of New York

US Senator Questions Obama Eligibility

The Simple Woman's Daybook


40 Days for Life begins on Ash Wednesday

40 Days for Life begins tomorrow, on Ash Wednesday. There are 135 cities that will be participating from February 25 - April 5. Most are in the United States, five are in Canada, two are in Northern Ireland and one is in Australia. In addition, there are similar prayer campaigns going on in Central and South America. The campaign for human life involves: prayer, fasting, and a peaceful presence at abortion mills.

To learn more, visit the 40 Days for Life website. This is a wonderful project to take part in this Lent!

Lenten Reading 2009

What will you be reading this Lent?

Here's a taste of some of the books I will be reading:

The Seven Last Words by Fulton J. Sheen

My Catholic Women's Bible (New American) by Fireside Press

The Magnifcat Lenten Companion

Numerous books on the saints -- too many to mention here.

Here are some recommended reads for this Lenten season:

1. Imitation of Christ -- Thomas a Kempis

2. Introduction to the Devout Life -- St. Frances de Sales

3. Journey to Easter by Pope Benedict XVI

4. 12 Steps to Holiness and Salvation -- St. Alphonsus Liguori

5. Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ -- Anne Catherine Emich

6. Kisss from the Cross -- Ronda de Sola Chervin

7. Back to Virtue -- Peter Kreeft

8. Live Well, Die Holy -- St. Robert Bellarmine

9. Self - Abandonment to Divine Providence -- Fr. J.P. De Caussade, S.J.

10. Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius -- St. Ignatius of Loyola

11. The Virtue Driven Life -- Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR

12. City of God -- St. Augustine

13. Confessions -- St. Augustine

14. Sinner's Guide -- Venerable Louis of Granada

15. Finding God's Will for You by St. Francis de Sales

16. The Seven Last Words - Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

17. His Suffering and Ours - Kathryn Mulderink

18. On the Way to Jesus Christ - Joseph Ratzinger - Pope Benedict XVI

19. Amazing Grace for Those Who Suffer - Jeff Cavins and Matthew Pinto

20. Mother Teresa's Secret Fire by Fr. Joseph Langford


Lent and Easter Wisdom from Fulton J. Sheen

Lenten Magnificat

Now, it's your turn... What will you be reading this Lent?

New NY Archbishop Receives Phone Call from Obama

Yonkers, N.Y., Feb 24, 2009 / 02:46 pm (CNA).- After being appointed the new archbishop of the Archdiocese of New York, Archbishop Timothy Dolan received a phone call yesterday from President Barack Obama who congratulated him and assured the prelate of his prayers.

Dolan told the Associated Press that the president’s call was “extraordinarily gracious” and that the two discussed the country’s financial problems. The archbishop also invited Obama to his installation ceremony in April. MORE

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday is the last day of what traditionally was called "Shrovetide," the week preceding the beginning of Lent. The word itself, Shrovetide, is the English equivalent for "Carnival," which is derived from the Latin words carnem levare, meaning "to take away the flesh." (Note that in Germany, this period is called "Fasching," and in parts of the United States, particularly Louisiana, "Mardi Gras.") While this was seen as the last chance for merriment, and, unfortunately in some places, has resulted in excessive pleasure, Shrovetide was the time to cast off things of the flesh and to prepare spiritually for Lent.

Actually, the English term provides the best meaning for this period. "To shrive" meant to hear confessions. In the Anglo-Saxon "Ecclesiastical Institutes," recorded by Theodulphus and translated by Abbot Aelfric about AD 1000, Shrovetide was described as follows: "In the week immediately before Lent everyone shall go to his confessor and confess his deeds and the confessor shall so shrive him as he then may hear by his deeds what he is to do in the way of penance." To highlight the point and motivate the people, special plays or masques were performed which portrayed the passion of our Lord or final judgment. Clearly, this Shrovetide preparation for Lent included the confessing of sin and the reception of absolution; as such, Lent then would become a time for penance and renewal of faith. MORE

Get the Recipe for Shrove Tuesday buns here.

Catholic Cuisine has a recipe for Shrove Tuesday pancakes here.

Check out Malassadas on Shrove Tuesday — yum! at the CNS blog for more recipes.

The Bookworm has a fun post here about Pancake Day.

Elena Maria Vidal from Tea at Trianon reminds us that Shrove Tuesday is the feast of the Holy Face and shares a link to meditations as well as a beautiful prayer with us.

For more Shrove Tuesday posts, visit Christine at Domestic Vocation and Carlos at Let's Get it Right.

New EWTN series for troubled marriages

Irondale, Ala. - The television network EWTN in March will begin airing a television series for spouses suffering marriage problems to help them renew their marriages.

The series “Marriage Works in Christ: Broken and Blessed” is hosted by Fr. James Dean and Greg and Julie Alexander, the married founders of the Alexander House.

After an overview episode, each new installment will feature a couple who has experienced significant turmoil in their marriage. According to a press release, the couple will first discuss how an issue strained their marriage and then share how God worked in their lives to restore unity and joy to their marital union.

“We live in a society that has lost hope in the vocation of marriage,” Greg Alexander said, explaining the relevance of the series. “We want the world to see that marriage can be beautiful if we live it according to the way that God designed it. If we participate in the sacrament the way that God intended, all the grace we need is available in order to live peaceful, joy-filled marriages.” Article

“Marriage Works in Christ: Broken and Blessed” will debut on EWTN on March 4. It will air on Wednesdays at 11:30 pm and Thursdays at 2:30 am Eastern time.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tiny miracles performed on hearts smaller than a pea

Dr. Lisa Hornberger doesn't want babies to be born with broken hearts.

Some she can't prevent, but others she has found and saved while they're in the womb.

Hornberger is a renowned fetal cardiologist recruited by Alberta Health Services and the University of Alberta last fall. She will help women whose fetuses have ailing hearts and develop a fetal cardiovascular program, as she did in children's hospitals in Boston, Toronto and most recently San Francisco. Read the rest here.

CINO, Pro-abort Kmiec Criticizes Holy Father

WASHINGTON D.C. - Professor Douglas Kmiec, the scholar who provided a justification for allowing Catholics to vote for Barack Obama, despite the president's consistent pro-abortion track record, wrote last week on Time Magazine's website that Pope Benedict XVI's words to Nancy Pelosi were "intrusive" in legal matters, because they put the whole judicial system in an impossible moral dilemma. Article

What can we expect from someone who has excommunicated himself from the faith? I won't say any more about this because this man's moronic words aren't worth my time. He is a disgrace to the Catholic Community!

Slumdog Millionaire Review

Slumdog Millionaire is reviewed by Father Jeffrey, who reflects on the powerful nature of this classic love story set against the background of human squalor and degradation. No Spoilers.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan becomes new Archbishop of New York

CNA: Pope Benedict appoints Archbishop Dolan to head Catholic Church in NY City

US Senator Questions Obama Eligibility

WASHINGTON – A U.S. senator has weighed in on the continuing controversy over Barack Obama's eligibility for office by saying he has never seen proof the new president was actually born in Hawaii.

"Well, his father was Kenyan and they said he was born in Hawaii, but I haven't seen any birth certificate," Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., told constituents in Cullman County. "You have to be born in America to be president." Article

Why is there still so much secrecy here? Why is no one permitted to see the Obama birth certificate?

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Visit Peggy's to see what the other women are doing and thinking today.

For Today...

Outside my window... bright sunshine, but very windy, in the lower 60's today.

I am thinking... I wish I didn't have so much going on this week...lots of phone calls and appointments, as well as work on my book to do. However, I am so very thankful for all of it.

I am thankful for... the debt that we owed that was forgiven us, as my dh is still without full-time employment.

From the kitchen... I smell pork chops cooking in the crock pot.

I am wearing... red moleskin pants and a soft red matching top.

I am reading... many books now, as I am doing research for my own book.

I am hoping... to have an announcement to share with you all next week

I am creating... a book.

I am hearing... the hum of the computer... it's very quiet here now.

Around the house... I got caught up on most of my housework this past weekend, but need to do some vacuuming.

One of my favorite things... is learning as much as I can about my faith and growing in my faith. I am looking forward to Lent... a time for spiritual renewal.

A few plans for the rest of the week... reading, writing, phone calls, appointments, serving as EMHC on Ash Wednesday.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Looking forward to Ash Wednesday and Lent!


St. Polycarp was one of the immediate disciples of the Apostles, in particular St. John the Evangelist. He embraced Christianity very young and was named bishop of Smyrna. He was greatly respected by the faithful, wrote many letters and formed many holy disciples. His epistle to the Philippians - the only one to be preserved - demonstrates his apostolic spirit, his profound humility and meekness, and his great charity.

St. Polycarp fought against heresy. He also taught that Christians must walk in truth, do God’s will, keep all of His commandments, and love whatever He loved. Christians must refrain from all fraud, avarice, detraction, and rash judgment. They must repay evil with forgiveness and mercy. He taught that one must pray all the time, so as not to be led into temptation, fast, persevere and be joyful.

During his episcopate, a violent persecution broke out in Smyrna against the Christians. During this time, though fearless, the bishop retreated to a neighboring village, spending most of his time in prayer.

A boy betrayed the bishop, and horsemen came by night to arrest him. He met his captors at the door, ordered them a supper, and prayed for two hours before he went with them.

He was led directly to the proconsul, who ordered him to blaspheme Christ. St. Polycarp refused and he was to be burned alive.

The executioners would have nailed him to the stake, but he convinced them that it wasn’t necessary. So they simple tied his hands behind his back. At the end of his prayer, the executioners set the fire, but the large flames formed into an arch, gently encircling but not burning his body. Exasperated, officials ordered a spearman to pierce him. Such a quantity of blood flowed from his left side that it put out the fire. The Christians wanted St. Polycarp’s body but the centurion burnt it to ashes. The bones were kept as relics. Source

St. Polycarp is the patron against ear ache and dysentery.

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Digest of Posts

Holy Father: "Physical healing is the sign of a return to spiritual health."

Video Shows Why Sebelius Is “Not Fit To Serve”

Pange Lingua

Alan Keyes: Stop Obama...

Your Inspirational Story Still Needed for New Book!

St. Peter Damian: Monk, Bishop, Cardinal, Reformer, Doctor of the Church

Praying with the Stars...

Lenten Ideas 2009

Pelosi and the Pope...What really happened

Sam Brownback: Why I voted against the Stimulus Bill

What color are you?

Get Ready...Here she comes!

Holy Father: "Physical healing is the sign of a return to spiritual health."

Video Shows Why Sebelius Is “Not Fit To Serve”

From Operation Rescue:

Video Shows Why Sebelius Is “Not Fit To Serve” As HHS Secretary

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius has been named a frontrunner for the cabinet position of Secretary of Human Services. If nominated, Operation Rescue has vowed to oppose her confirmation.

Below is a video with powerful excerpts from “The O’Reilly Factor” which aired on May 30, 2007. O’Reilly takes Sebelius to task for her support of late-term abortionist George R. Tiller, who now faces criminal charges for having committed illegal late-term abortions. He states, “She is not fit to serve.”

Also included are photos obtained by Operation Rescue that show evidence of a party hosted by Sebelius in April, 2007, in honor of Tiller’s entire abortion clinic staff. Open records receipts and statements from a source who attended the party, Sebelius’ excuses for the party simply cannot be believed. (Read a written analysis with documentation.)

Watch this “must see” video and learn why Gov. Sebelius is “unfit to serve,” then forward this critical information far and wide.

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Pange Lingua

This hymn is exceedingly sublime in its expression of faith in Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. The latter part of this hymn is mandated by the Church for use at Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. The last two stanzas, known as the Tantum Ergo, is usually sung at the beginning of the last part of Benediction; after any period of silence and before the priest blesses the congregation with Our Lord Himself. Even today this hymn is widely known and used frequently. It is one of the most famous chants in existence.

It was written by St. Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor. He is known as the Common Doctor of the Church. His angelic purity and holiness brought him very close to God. He wrote the hymn Pange Lingua (of which the Tantum Ergo is the last two stanzas) for the feast of Corpus Christi. A fellow priest and close friend attempted this task at the same time. When St. Thomas finished, he shared it with the priest, who was awe-struck at its sublimity and expression. He was so moved by its beauty that he immediately tore up his own work, which he professed was like so much garbage compared to this heavenly-inspired text.

Click here for the Latin lyrics.

English Translation of Pange Lingua:

Sing, my tongue, the Savior's glory,
of His flesh the mystery sing;
of the Blood, all price exceeding,
shed by our immortal King,
destined, for the world's redemption,
from a noble womb to spring.
Of a pure and spotless Virgin
born for us on earth below,
He, as Man, with man conversing,
stayed, the seeds of truth to sow;
then He closed in solemn order
wondrously His life of woe.
On the night of that Last Supper,
seated with His chosen band,
He the Pascal victim eating,
first fulfills the Law's command;
then as Food to His Apostles
gives Himself with His own hand.
Word-made-Flesh, the bread of nature
by His word to Flesh He turns;
wine into His Blood He changes;
what though sense no change discerns?
Only be the heart in earnest,
faith her lesson quickly learns.
Down in adoration falling,
Lo! the sacred Host we hail;
Lo! o'er ancient forms departing,
newer rites of grace prevail;
faith for all defects supplying,
where the feeble senses fail.
To the everlasting Father,
and the Son who reigns on high,
with the Holy Ghost proceeding
forth from Each eternally,
be salvation, honor, blessing,
might and endless majesty.
Amen. Alleluia.

See more Gregorian chant lyrics and English translations here.

Alan Keyes: Stop Obama...

Your Inspirational Story Still Needed for New Book!

A Great Lenten Project

Are you married? Are you Catholic? Do you have a devotion to the saints? Have you and your spouse or a family member experienced hope and healing as a result of prayer to a saint or saint(s)?

This is your chance to evangelize and it makes for a wonderful Lenten project as well.

I am looking for dramatic conversion stories as well as stories of trials and tribulations (for example, financial difficulties, addictions, the birth of a child with a medical problem) overcome or that you learned to cope with better through the intercession of a saint or saints and the grace of God to publish in a new book meant to inspire and encourage married couples.

In order to be published:

Your story must name a saint or saints.

It must be at least 1800 words, but not more than 2000 words.

Email your submission to me no later than March 15, 2009.

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St. Peter Damian: Monk, Bishop, Cardinal, Reformer, Doctor of the Church

Peter was the youngest child born to a large family in Ravenna, Italy in 1007. His parents both died when he was young and he was placed in the care of one of his brothers, who treated him like a slave. His eldest brother, a priest in Ravenna, rescued him and sent him away to study. Peter was quite brilliant and excelled in his studies (theology and cannon law) and later returned to Ravena as a professor. In his late 20's, he joined a group of Benedictine monks, who were living in northern Italy, where he became prior at the young age of 36: a position he held unto his death.

Peter performed austere penances to the extent that he developed near permanent insomnia and was forced to modify them. Although living in a cloister, Peter kept close watch on the Church and worked for her purification. He wrote to the pope, urging him to deal with the scandals of the Church in Italy. In 1051, Peter published his treatise on the vices of the clergy, "Liber Gomorrhianus". He fought the scandolous behavior among the clergy of the time and upheld priestly celibacy. He was illustrious and brilliant, simple and outspoken in his denunciation of all heresies and evils and was a great reformer of the Church in troubled times. His personal example and many writings exercised great influence on religious life in the 11th and 12th centuries. One of his greatest works is the biography of Saint Romuald, the founder of his Order.

Pope Stephen IX named him a cardinal and Bishop of Ostia. He died on 21 February 1072 and was immediately acclaimed as a saint. He was declared a Doctor of the Church in 1828.

Marian Prayer of St. Peter Damian

Quotes from St. Peter Damian:

“[The vice of sodomy] is this vice that violates temperance, slays modesty, strangles chastity, and slaughters virginity.”

It is not sinners, but the wicked who should despair; it is not the magnitude of one’s crime, but contempt of God that dashes one’s hopes.”

"Let us faithfully transmit to posterity the example of virtue which we have received from our forefathers."

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Praying with the Stars...

What a pleasant surprise! Go here to learn more.

H/T: Esther

Lenten Ideas 2009

What is Lent?

"Lent is a retreat that the Church gives us in order to re-focus on what should be first in our lives. The purpose of Jesus' life was to glorify the Father and save the world. ..Lent is not first a time of giving up but a time to re-choose to be the victim of Christ, the Lamb. It is a time to live the Beatitudes.” (Fr. Dominique, OSJ)

“Each year, Lent offers us a providential opportunity to deepen the meaning and value of our Christian lives, and it stimulates us to rediscover the mercy of God so that we, in turn, become more merciful toward our brothers and sisters. In the Lenten period, the Church makes it her duty to propose some specific tasks that accompany the faithful concretely in this process of interior renewal: these are prayer, fasting and almsgiving.”(Pope Benedict XVI from MESSAGE OF HIS HOLINESS BENEDICT XVI FOR LENT 2008.)

Lenten Ideas for Adults


Fast from watching TV one night a week so that you can spend time on a Lenten practice, such as praying, reading the Bible, and serving others.Fast from watching one movie during Lent and give the money and the time on service to others.

Fast from using foul language and put-downs and begin affirming others with positive speech; use your speech to encourage , rather than discourage others

Fast from purchasing new things like clothing, music, and magazines; instead make a donation to a charitable cause

Fast from holding resentments and learn to practice forgiveness

Fast from gossiping and dishonesty and begin the practice of honesty and truthfulness

Fast from a favorite snack food or drink and set aside the money you would have to spend on them to a favorite charity

Fast from being angry or upset with people who have hurt or offended you and pray for the courage to forgive them

Fast from feeling guilty or angry with yourself; instead, remember God’s great love for you


· Read the Lenten Scripture readings daily

· Participate in Ash Wednesday services

· Participate in the Stations of the Cross

· Participate in Lenten Liturgies in your parish or diocese

· Frequent the sacrament of Reconciliation

· Increase the amount of time you spend in prayer during Eucharistic Adoration or before the Blessed Sacrament· Pray the Liturgy of the Hours daily

· Increase the amount of time you spend praying for others by fifteen minutes each day· Add the rosary or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy to your daily prayers

· Spend time in prayer at the local abortion mill or if you are unable to be physically present, offer up prayers and sacrifices for the unborn, the mothers, and the families who are there, as well as for those working at the abortion mill


"Almsgiving, according to the Gospel, is not mere philanthropy: rather it is a concrete expression of charity, a theological virtue that demands interior conversion to love of God and neighbor, in imitation of Jesus Christ, who, dying on the cross, gave His entire self for us. " (Pope Benedict XVI from MESSAGE OF HIS HOLINESS BENEDICT XVI FOR LENT 2008.)·

Donate personal possessions such as clothing, books, shoes, to people in need

· Dedicate time for service during Lent, e.g., working at a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter· Donate money saved by fasting to the parish community food pantry, food bank, homeless shelter, or crisis pregnancy center· Volunteer at a local food shelter, homeless shelter or a nursing home several hours per week

· Volunteer at your local crisis pregnancy center (requires training first)

· Volunteer to read books and magazines to the elderly

· Help others learn to read by becoming a literacy trainer or volunteer to tutor children

· Train to be a hospice volunteer or support the work of the Hospice movement·

Give the gift of sight by donating old eyeglasses or unused frames to the local Lion’s Club who recycle them and distribute to the needy

· Donate diapers, formula, baby clothing, baby furniture, and maternity clothing to a local crisis pregnancy center.· If you knit or crochet, make booties or baby blankets and donate them to the local crisis pregnancy center.

Pray and fast for the conversion of Barack Obama and our pro-life politicians. Participate in the Convert Obama project this Lent.

Lenten Ideas for Children


Give up one TV show or the radio or music for 30 minutes and spend that time helping a family member.Give up something you enjoy doing today (like dessert or snacks) and spend 10 minutes praying for the needs of others.

Give up something you enjoy today (like dessert or snacks) and donate 25 cents to your Operation Rice Bowl box.

Give up buying something new (clothes, CD, magazine, jewlery) and donate 50 cents to your Operation Rice Bowl box.Give up going to a movie or other fun activity and donate the money from this activity to your Operation Rice Bowl box or other people in need in your community.

Think about a bad habit you would like to change, like telling a lie, yelling at others, getting angry, putting people down, and choose to avoid that habit and do something positive instead.

Think about how often you fail to listen to your parents when they ask you do something. Resolve to listen to them and to obey them the first time they ask you to do something rather than making them remind you to do it again.

Think about someone you are angry with or who has hurt you. Ask God to give you the courage to forgive and pray for that person each day. Think about at least one thing that is good about them and remember that God loves them and wants you to do the same. Picture them with Jesus.

Share lots of smiles today.

Give a hug to everyone in your family.

Compliment each person in your family today.

Give up complaining, frowns, and negative thoughts today.


Pray the Our Father three times today -- in the morning when you get up, at noontime, and at bedtime.

Pray the Angelus with your family or by yourself three times today -- in the morning, at noon, and at suppertime.

Pray the family rosary or at least one decade with your family daily.

Say a prayer for someone who is sick today.

Pray for a forgiving heart and ask the people you have hurt to forgive you.

Participate in the Stations of the Cross during Lent.

Participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation during Lent.

List three blessings you have been given.

Say a prayer to God, giving thanks for each of those blessings.

Make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament and pray for those who are homeless.

Think about ways you and your family might be able to help them.


Go through your closet and donate clothing you no longer wear, but are in good shape, to those in your community who are in need of clothing.

Show an act of kindness to a family member today.

Show an act of kindness to someone you don't like.

Do someone else's chores one day this week.

Ask your mom or dad how you can help them.

Write a letter or create a card for someone who is sick or lonely and deliver it to them.Buy a can of food and donate to a food bank or a homeless shelter.

Save your money and buy some baby wipes to donate to a crisis pregnancy center.

If you earn an allowance, save up your money and buy some diapers, baby bottles, or formula and donate it to a crisis pregnancy center.Together, with your family, spend time serving others during Lent.

Work at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

Visit elderly people who are in nursing homes or shut-ins.Talk with your family about eating one simple meal each week of Lent and putting the money you save in the Operation Rice Bowl box or giving the money to a crisis pregnancy center or to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

Offer to help out a family in your neighborhood or community who are dealing with job loss. Ask your parents if you can invite them to dinner or bring a covered dish to their house. Help your parents with the dinner or with making special invitations for the dinner.

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Pelosi and the Pope...What really happened

Fox News: Pelosi, Pope Have No Meeting of the Minds

George Weigel's Account: Were They at the Same Meeting?

I especially like this part of what George Weigel has to say about Nancy:

As her performance on Meet the Press prior to last year’s Democratic national convention made painfully clear, Pelosi is deeply confused about what her church teaches on the morality of abortion, and why. She may have come to her bizarre views on her own; it’s far more likely that she has been un-catechized, so to speak, by Catholic intellectuals and clerics who find Catholic teaching on life issues an embarrassment among their high-minded friends and colleagues of the progressive persuasion.

Whatever the source of her confusion, Pelosi has now been informed, and by a world-class intellectual who happens to be the universal pastor of the Catholic Church, that she is, in fact, confused, and that both her spiritual life and her public service are in jeopardy because of that.

My favorite fictional and funny account of Pelosi's meeting with the Pope is shared by Fr. Z.

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Sam Brownback: Why I voted against the Stimulus Bill

Last week, the stimulus bill passed both the House and Senate and was signed into law by President Obama on Tuesday.

Kansas Senator Sam Brownback voted against it and explains why here:

"I voted against the stimulus bill because a huge increase in government spending is not the answer our economy needs. There are some good provisions in this bill, but not nearly enough to outweigh the overwhelming bad. This stimulus package threatens to be the beginning of our next bubble – a big-government bubble, where we try to use debt and leverage to spend our way into prosperity. We are considering an amount of spending that, even when adjusted for inflation, far outstrips the New Deal, the Louisiana Purchase, the Marshal Plan or the Moon Race."

The stimulus package has a $787 billion price tag. It is the single biggest increase in the deficit in American history. The bill increased the debt limit to an all-time high of $12 trillion, and represents 5.5% of the GDP.

"The hastily constructed bill being labeled as stimulus is not a good plan to help our economy weather the recession. It is a highly leveraged, speculative bet on larger government and massive long-term spending as a cure for our economic troubles. This is the largest spending bill ever and it's been done in the most rushed fashion I've ever seen. In conference, the bad parts of the bill got bigger and the good parts got smaller."

"In the history of the Republic, the largest stimulus package we've had was 1.5% of GDP; this bill is over 5.5% of GDP, although most of this bill isn't stimulus, it's simply big-government spending. There is only $76 billion in actual stimulative tax cuts in this bill, out of $787 billion; less than 10% of this bill offers true stimulative tax cuts. With this spending plan we are using a speculative bet on government, using our children's future as leverage."

You can hear audio of Brownback's Senate floor statement regarding the stimulus bill by visiting the web site.

~ Via Senator Sam Brownback.

What color are you?


You give your love and friendship unconditionally. You enjoy long, thoughtful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.

Find out your color at!

Via Alexandra.

Get Ready...Here she comes!

It's not official yet, but fasten your seat belts.....

Washington, DC -- While House officials say President Barack Obama will name pro-abortion Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who has been criticized for refusing to limit late-term abortions, as the Secretary of the Health and Human Services Department.

Once official, her selection would add to Obama's growing pro-abortion record as president. Go here for the full story.

Obama advisors are already notifying the media that it will be Catholic In Name Only pro-abort Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius for Health Secretary and I am sure she will be thrilled to go -- more power, more prestige, more money, more power -- she's the "Tim Taylor" of politics -- I can hear the growling now. Not only will she be able to help late-term abortionist George Tiller murder more babies and more women, but she will be able to help all abortionists get away with murder and get off scott - free.

Hmm... I wonder when she'll be visiting the Pope.

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Digest of Posts for February 17 - 18

Report: Fetal stem cells trigger tumors in ill boy

New Catholic Fiction Blog: Your Stories Needed

What a Man!

Pope Benedict on St. Bede the Venerable

Catholics Hold Vigil for Obama's Conversion on FOCA

Pope Strongly Rebukes Pelosi over Abortion

More Parents Refusing Vaccines for Kids

Picture Emerging on Genetic Risks of In Vitro Fertilization

Catholic Carnival 212: Diversity in God

Nationwide Petition Launched to Deny Communion to Pelosi, Biden, and other Pro-aborts


Baby born alive and left to die at Florida clinic

Sarah Palin: Obama Should Veto Stimulus Bill

Sign the Petition to Investigate Gardasil Vaccine Deaths Now