Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The 2010 March for Life in Pictures

The mainstream media has basically ignored the 2010 March for Life, which isn't surprising. Channel surfing, I watched CNN's brief news broadcast on the March, which was so unbelievably biased, I wondered if they were even at the March or if they concocted their distorted story from their imagination.

There were 300,000+ people at the March for Life. The crowd moved at a snail's pace, the street was so thick with people. People of all ages and races chanted, sang, prayed, clung to one another, and exchanged personal information. No one shoved or pushed, but peacefully protested the horrible mass killing of our children that resulted from the deranged 1973 Roe V. Wade decision -- a decision that the people of this country never had a voice in -- it was forced upon us. But now we speak out for those people who are victims in this holocaust -- the innocent voiceless infants who are mercilessly murdered daily. We speak out for the mothers and fathers who have been devastated by their decision to abort their children, other family members who suffer the consequences of abortion, and all members of our society who are daily effected by this terrible tragedy.

Below are a few photos from the March for Life. There were lots of interesting signs.



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Not said...

Great shots! I love the message for Father Jenkins....think I heard a rumor he was at the March - wonder what sign he was carrying!?!

My pics are here and my re-cap of the day is here :-)