Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Scott Roeder case: The real story on violence needs to be told

Most of you have heard the not so surprising news of Scott Roeder's conviction by now. While I am pleased that abortions are no longer being performed in Wichita, what Roeder did was wrong and totally opposed to what pro-lifers uphold. The immoral act of murdering George Tiller was evil and was not the goal of the pro-life movement, but the act of one sick individual with very distorted perceptions. Why isn't the mainstream media reporting on the violent acts of murder that take place everyday in this country? Why aren't the violent acts against pro-lifers being reported? Why aren't the horrific after-efects of abortion to the mother, the father, the family, and to our society being shared with the public?

Fr. Frank Pavone, Director of Priests for Life, sums up my beliefs and concerns in the following statement:

"Violence is antithetical to the pro-life movement," said Fr. Pavone, "which is why Priests for Life is part of the vast chorus of pro-life groups condemning the killing of George Tiller.  On the other hand, violence is the practice of the abortion industry, which kills real people in the womb every day.  Moreover, abortion advocates have done numerous acts of violence against pro-life people, and I receive death threats several times a month.  It would be nice to hear abortion advocacy groups condemn these things once in a while."

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Bill said...

The media is part of the pro-death culture and against the people. Then they wonder why they are loosing viewers to other sorces.