Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The truth about the 2010 March for Life

 At the 2010 March for Life the media set new standards for journalistic fraud. In its lead photo, CNN showed five pro-abortion picketers, all that could be found, and ignored the 300,000 pro-life marchers. CNN's Rick Sanchez wondered out loud which group dominated. Newsweek claimed that most participants were in their 60's when, in fact, most were under 25. This video sets the record straight. 


Bill said...

After the march, when we got back to the motel to warm up, I turned on the TV news and happened to see CNN Headline News. The first thing the anchor said was "do you think the Pro-Life members outnumbered the Pro-choice people"? I thought he was making a joke, I did not see ANY pro-aborts there, although I was told there was about a dozen total there.

This reminded me why I never watch CNN or MSNBC.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

I also did not see a single pro-abort there. where did they find them? It's just further evidence that this whole issue drips with the influence of the father of lies.