Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One Word on the Media Attacks on The Holy Father


These vicious and false attacks only attest to the great holiness of our beloved Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, who is undergoing a white martyrdom for the faith.

Recommended Reading:

Jimmy Akin: Cardinal Ratzinger An Evil Monster? 

Thomas Peters: Game Over: Benedict -- 1.  MSM  -- 0.  (And how we can help the pope's numbers)

Satan behind media attacks on the Pope, asserts Italian exorcist

Reports blaming Pope for mishandled sex abuse case are inaccurate, Church judge reveals

Pope Benedict being 'scourged at the pillar,' says New York archbishop

U.S. bishops profoundly grateful for Pope's work in combating sexual abuse

The Anchoress: Praying for the Pope and for All

Fr. Raymond J. de Souza: A Response to the New York Times 

George Weigel: Scoundrel Times

Fr. John Trujillio: An Inconvenient Truth

Rocco Palmo:  US Bench:  'We Stand with "B16"

LifeSite News: Michael O'Brien Slams the Media's Use of the Sexual Abuse Crisis to Attack Pope Benedict

Cristina Odone:  Pope Benedict XVI is part of the solution not the problem

Christine at A Catholic View: Bishops Defend the Pope against Bogus Allegations

Carl Olson:  Dour, unhinged, and factless, Maureen Dowd seeks papal whipping boy

Esther at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii: Catholic Blogosphere Defending Our Holy Father.

Leticia at Causa Nostrae Latitiae: In defense of our beloved shepherd, Pope Benedict

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Esther G. said...

Jean, no doubt Satan is behind these attacks on our Holy Father. Good list! Thanks for including mine too.
God bless