Friday, March 19, 2010

'Pope' Pelosi flubs up again as she calls on St. Joseph to pass Obamacare

My commentary follows the video below.

Via LifeNews.Com today:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on a Catholic saint today to help her and her pro-abortion colleague pass a Senate health care bill that contains massive abortion funding. Not only did Pelosi upset pro-life Catholics in so doing, but she got the date wrong concerning the saint she mentioned.

"Today is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, particularly important to Italian-Americans," Pelosi said.

"It’s a day where we remember and pray to St. Joseph to benefit the workers of America, and that’s exactly what our health-care bill will do," she added.

Will Pelosi ever just learn to keep her mouth closed?!!!  Every time she opens it she demonstrates her ignorance of the Catholic faith. First of all, today is NOT the feast of St. Joseph the Worker -- that is celebrated on May 1st. Today is the feast of St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church. If she attended Mass or opened a Catholic book occasionally, she would know that. Six-year-olds know that!

Second, if she prays to St. Joseph to pass Obamacare, which promotes the slaughter of innocent babies, he will see to it that it is definitely NOT passed. So, I hope she does indeed pray to him. Many of us have been praying for her purification and conversion for some time now. Perhaps her prayers to St. Joseph will help in this endeavor! St. Joseph is a powerful intercessor!

This woman is so deep in deception -- not only does she live out Satan's lies in her life, but she spreads them to others. She's no more Catholic than the man in the moon, and excommunicated herself from the Catholic Church long ago by her strong abortion stance and public scandal.

Third, she is a bold faced liar when she calls this bill "life affirming." Who is she trying to fool? Anyone who has an IQ over 70 can see through her lies.

Here's part of what Bill Donohue of the Catholic League has to say about her actions:

"Then Pelosi lied. She said she is grateful for the support of 60 orders of nuns, not mentioning that the letter she received had a whopping total of 55 signatories. Worse, she had the gall to say that this represents "every order you can think of." Wrong. In fact, there are 793 religious communities, which means she heard from seven-and-a-half percent of them. Moreover, since there are approximately 65,000 nuns in the U.S., that means she was contacted by .0008 percent of them. 

In other words, not only are the bishops formally opposed to the bill she champions, it's a lie to maintain that the nuns are on her side. Shameless is too kind a word to use to describe what Pelosi did today."

C'mon, Nancy, stop making a fool of yourself! Go to Confession... go get exorcised, if you need to... you're long overdue!


Bill said...

Everyone knows what a RINO is, Republican In Name Only, Princess Pelosi is a CINO, Catholic In Nam Only!!!

Bill said...

I wonder how often Princess Pelosi need to go to the plastic surgeon each year to keep her devil's horns from showing?