Monday, April 19, 2010

Bishops take action against nuns, CHA on Health Care

At least two U.S. bishops have taken action against the dissident women’s religious communities and the Catholic Health Association who supported health care reform legislation in defiance of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

I can't tell you how supportive I am of these bishops for clamping down on these Catholic in Name only nuns, who  need to be disciplined for supporting abortion and the other evils of ObamaCare, which is both anti-life and anti-Catholic. I hope that other bishops will follow in the footsteps of these bold, brave bishops.
CNS reports that Bishop Lawrence E. Brandt of Greensburg, Pa., has directed diocesan offices, parishes and the diocesan newspaper not to promote the “vocation awareness program of any religious community” that was a signatory to a letter urging members of the House of Representatives to pass the health reform bill.

In Providence, R.I., Bishop Thomas J. Tobin asked the Catholic Health Association to remove the diocesan-sponsored St. Joseph Health Services of Rhode Island from its membership rolls, saying that CHA leadership had “misled the public and caused serious scandal” by supporting health reform legislation that the bishops opposed.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops was against the measure because its provisions on abortion funding and conscience protections were morally unacceptable.

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Bill said...

It's about time the Bishops do something about the CINO's (Catholic In Name Only) religious. Now lets hope they stand by their guns...