Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Rosary: Our Weapon

H/T: Michelle


shambala25 said...

For what repeat allways the same words? I like to talk with God from my heart, without cramped discipline. I like the rosary, i believe, it's a beautiful way to pray, i really believe that it's given to us from heaven, but mostly its a joyless effort for me, when i do so.



joan said...

Meditate more on the mysteries....Try not to be in a rush.Always think of Jesus. Say the Most Holy Name of Jesus with love and lovingly say our Blessed Mother's name. Read Saint Montfort's book about the Most Holy Rosary and persevere with love in your heart for our Lord Jesus,the Saints,the Holy Angels, your enemies,neighbors and the Church and you will see many graces in your life.