Wednesday, August 18, 2010

EMILY's List uses women dressed as bears to rally against pro-life candidates

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A pro-abortion group’s campaign against former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin uses women dressed as bears to claim she does not speak for women. In response, a leader of a pro-life women’s group said the campaign shows the group is “running scared” and criticized it for calling pro-life women candidates “backwards-looking.” 

EMILY’s List, which backs pro-abortion candidates, launched its “Sarah Doesn’t Speak for Me” campaign on Tuesday at the National Press club to counter Palin’s influence and to oppose her favored candidates. Of course, Sarah Palin doesn't speak for them -- they are in favor of killing babies on demand.

One ad used in the campaign shows several actresses wearing bear noses and furry hoods with bear ears. Trying to affect a playful demeanor, they responded to the Palin’s statement that “mamma grizzlies” attack when their cubs are threatened. Don't they look ridiculous in these hideous costumes? LOL!

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Here are the ads -- First Sarah Palin's, then Emily's List:


Bill said...

I am happy to see this DUMB ad. I think this may turn more people off to their cause th on to it.

Mum2eight said...

lol they are worried about their daughters rights but what about their granddaughters rights?