Monday, June 27, 2011

Planned Parenthood files suit to force Kansas to give them tax money

Who can argue with this line of reasoning: it's more important to spend taxpayer money to kill human beings than to help them stay alive. This is the way the baby killers at Planned Parenthood think. The abortion providers would lose big bucks if the baby killing business were denied taxpayer funding.

Planned Parenthood has filed suit today to make the court force Kansas to give tax money to them instead of indigent health clinics.

The newly approved Kansas budget directs that family planning services financed in any way under “Title X” federal rules must be contracted primarily with public health clinics and secondarily with qualified non-public hospitals or health centers that provide comprehensive health care--primary and preventative.

Mary Kay Culp, Kansans for Life Executive Director, responded, “Planned Parenthood is doing everything it can to divert attention away from the fact that the criminal charges against them are going back to court here in July, after being stalled for two years by the actions of former Kansas Attorney General, Steve Six, who is now a controversial nominee to the U.S. Court of Appeals.

If found guilty of the felonies they are charged with, they will lose much more than Kansas Title X money,” Culp said. “It is just plain bad practice to give tax dollars to prevent pregnancies to an organization that makes more money when they fail to do so.

Federal tax dollars benefit any organization that receives them-- beyond what they are specifically appropriated for-- because they free up other income and donations to fulfill the organization's other mission or services.

Kansas has every right to insure that Title X monies are directed to the provision of family planning at full service county health clinics before abortion clinics, which financially benefit when their efforts at pregnancy prevention fail. This wish by taxpayers not to subsidize Kansas abortions should be lauded and honored, not sued.”

In plain language, Kansas wants to support the local health clinics that see patients of all ages and provide a wide range of services including immunizations, screenings, physicals, and referrals. These health clinics are easily accessible, important to a community and serve the poor. By definition of their limited practices, Planned Parenthood fails in this mission.

While Planned Parenthood does offer some cancer screenings and limited services for men, their main orientation is toward sex-related “problems” of reproductive-age women. But local health clinic staff can easily do all the STD education, pelvic exams, and contraceptive services that PP does.

Kansas has decided that our taxes should pay for part of the salary and overhead of full-service community clinics oriented foremost to overall health, and that are struggling in these tough economic times.

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Bill said...

But you just don't understand..., we have to give PP our money so they can buy off the democrats so they can get elected again so PP can stay in business killing our babies!!