Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving: Seven Reasons Why I am Thankful this Year

Today I am thanking God for my many blessings:

1. My Catholic Faith - especially for the gift of the Holy Eucharist (which means Thanksgiving). True thanksgiving is self-giving and this is indeed the meaning of the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist -- in which Jesus gives us His entire self - His body, blood, soul and divinity. I am so thankful for those priests who serve the Lord and minister to us through the sacraments and for those dedicated religious who have consecrated their lives to Him and make His love known to us in both overt and hidden ways.

2. My wonderful, loving husband who shares my deep love for the faith.

3. My family - Although the miles separate us, you're always in my daily prayers and in my heart.

4. My friends - those of you near and far -- those I see and touch and pray with and also those whom I chat with online - you're all precious to me.

5. My parish family - those I see and pray with at daily Mass and those I see only on Sundays.

6. My readers - You're important to me and please know that I keep you all in my prayers. This Thanksgiving Day, I am thanking God for the blessing each one of you has been to me. You are precious gifts to me from God.

7. I am especially thankful to God this year for food on the table and a roof over my head. In these hard economic times, there are so many without these basic necessities. This has been a difficult year for all of us -- let us show God our thanks by helping those in need.

May you have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

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Bethie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Your blog is a blessing to me. God Bless!