Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Music Review: Christmas in the Cloister

As I write this review, I am continuing to listen to the beautiful blend of angelic voices of the Cistercian nuns from Massachusetts, who are singing their hearts out for Jesus. I love Gregorian chant, but wondered exactly how this recording would sound for Christmas.  As soon as I began listening to it, I knew that it was just perfect for Christmas. The Cistercian nuns of Mount Saint Mary’s Abbey sing with heavenly voices the Christmas Midnight Mass, which is mysteriously enchanting and meditative.  It is so uplifting and soothing to the soul that it makes me feel relaxed and peaceful – just the mood I yearn for during the busy season.

There are also ten Christmas carols which have an international flavor. Some of these include Silent Night from Austria, Susani, a German lullaby from the 16th century, the more lively Il est ne, from 17th century France, and the Coventry Carol from England. In Dulce Jubilo sung in both Latin and English is a cheerful, lively song that captures the upbeat mood of this joyful season for me.  I relished listening to all of these carols as well as the unforgettable Christmas Mass chant.  This makes for a special Christmas gift. In buying this CD, you not only do you get magnificent Christmas music, but you support a growing order of traditional Catholic cloistered nuns.

I highly recommend this CD for the Christmas season! 

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