Thursday, December 06, 2012

Germany's president gives Pope a cane, German cookies and his biography

December 6, 2012. ( Benedict XVI welcomed Germany's president, Joachim Gauck at the Vatican's Apostolic Palace. Upon greeting the Pope, Gauck said he was visiting not only as a president and fellow German, but above all, as a human being and Christian.

Speaking in their native German, they talked about the financial crisis and the effects it's having not only on the economy, but also in Europe's international relations. They also discussed ways in which the Catholic Church can offer help.

The Pope seemed at ease during the meeting, smiling and laughing throughout. As a gift, president Gauck gave the Pope his biography and also a wooden cane for his 'summer walks along Castel Gandolfo.' To make him feel at home, the president also gave the Pope, cookies that are popular in Germany during Advent.

The Pope gave Gauck a tile image of St. Peter's Square and also a printed image of the Vatican.

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