Friday, December 07, 2012

Pope welcomes document published by the International Theological Commission

December 7, 2012. ( The Pope met with the International Theological Commission, thanking all members for the recent publication of 'Theology Today: Perspectives, Principles and Criteria.'
The document, which is divided into three chapters, deals with issues addressed in contemporary theology.

“This document presents, 'the genetic code of Catholic theology,' so to speak, meaning it includes the principles that define its identity. Therefore, it guarantees its unity in the diversity of its achievements.”

Benedict XVI also called on theologians to be open to that same faith the Holy Spirit inspires in believers.

“Among the criteria of Catholic theology, the document mentions the attention theologians should pay to the 'sensus fidelium,' meaning the sense of the faithful.”

During his speech, the Pope also addressed the danger of relativism, where a universal truth is ignored or denied. Under this mentality, monotheistic religions are often accused of triggering violence.

But the Pope added that's not the goal of Christianity, since Jesus himself rejected all violence. On the contrary, the social doctrine of the Church, said the Pope, offers solutions to modern day problems.

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