Tuesday, January 15, 2013

National Vocations Awareness Week

Did you know that January 13-19  is National Vocations Awareness Week? Bishop Kevin Farrell of Dallas writes about it here. 

What is our responsibility as Catholics during this week?
We are reminded to:
1. Petition God to move the hearts of youth in your parish to respond to God’s call and to pray for the perseverance of vocations to the priesthood and religious life. We must pray everyday for our young people to find and live their vocations.  Prayer is the key to assisting our youth to hear the “whisper” of God’s call and to have the courage to respond to God’s call in gratitude.  A parish vocation prayer team can foster prayer in three ways:  in the community, as individuals, and within families.
2. Encourage young people with the proper qualities to consider the religious life as a vocation.

Let's try to remember to do both of this not just during this week, but on a daily or regular basis.

Here is Catholic Fire's special contribution to National Vocations Awareness Week:

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