Friday, January 18, 2013

The life of St. Barbara hits the Big Screen

January 18, 2013. ( It's a life story that's meant to be shared. The life of St. Barbara is hitting the big screen. Famous Italian producer Lux Vide, who has experience with these types of films, is leading the project.

As far as the characters, Barbara will be played by actress Vanessa Hessler. The famous saint came from a noble Roman family. Her mother died when she was a girl, so she was raised by her father, the governor of the Empire.

Despite her pagan education and upbringing, her life changed when she saw how badly Christians were treated. But the key moment that triggered her conversion, came when her best friend, Giuliana was murdered. Giuliana was a slave and before being killed she talked about why she converted to Christianity.

The eventual saint, also finds out that her own mother, before dying embraced Christianity.

So Barbara decides to take a leap of faith. But her conversion would cost her her life.

The film is part of an Italian production, but it is expected to be released in other languages soon.


Shirley J. Schultz said...

St. Barbara is a beautiful movie. I have seen it 3 times on EWTN and plan to buy my own copy for my Confirmation Class to see when it comes out.

Ranting Catholic Mom said...
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