Monday, February 04, 2013

Church and social networks: the New Evangelization in the digital age

( The Pope asked people to be truthful on social networks, spaces he says are most favorable for dialogue. Now, even though sites like Facebook and Twitter were created as communication tools, users say they're not always used as they should be.

“Many people use it to flirt, or to give information about their education or where they work, but it's false, and they want to make themselves more important.”

“I think this is about anonymity. If they are anonymous, they can take this things without fear of repercussions.”

“Whoever knows me knows everything about me. My name is not on there, I have a nickname. Although my birth date is there.”

“Maybe they are addicted to the social network. They just cannot have a real social life. But I have my real social life and the social network is only a part of me.”

Benedict XVI knows that the social networks are a meeting point and hence why he himself has joined this virtual space. It helps him increase the Church's presence in the digital era.

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