Monday, March 25, 2013

MSNBC TV Host Calls Babies “Things That Might Turn Into Humans”

Has this woman never taken basic biology? Or is she trying to indoctrinate people into the Planned Parenthood pro-abortion way of thinking? Perhaps she has a lax conscience and believes the lie herself or has convinced herself of it to rationalize her own behavior. It it is scary for someone in a position of influence to push off such a lie onto the public. I hope her viewers write in to the station to complain about this. She has a Ph.D. from Duke and has studied theology at Union Theological Seminary in New York. She should know better. But, she is also a political  science professor - a far left liberal-- who admittedly voted for Barack Obama (and even worked for 18 months on his presidential campaign) and strongly promotes the Obama pro-abortion agenda.  This is one reason why I refuse to watch MSNBC -- too many talking heads pushing off Obama/Planned Parenthood lies, often for their own political gain, prestige, and power. The pro-aborts persist in pushing their sick, evil agenda onto the public, telling fantastic lies. If they say the baby isn't a person, then they can do all sorts of horrific things to the child and it's perfectly OK. It's much easier to destroy a "thing" than it is a human being. It is a lie to make an evil act (murder and torture) appear morally acceptable. In the video below, she makes it even appear desirable. 

Via LifeNews.Com:

During a recent MSNBC show on abortion, talking head Melissa Harris-Perry made a comment that will surely make people wonder whether she has any grasp on the science behind fetal development.

Harris-Perry talked about how much it costs “to have this thing turn into a human” when referring to an unborn baby.

During the rest of her talk she “accidentally” breaks a model of a fertilized egg, claims there is no science supporting the notion that unborn children are human beings, and dismissively refers to babies.

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Bill said...

I guess this is why Rush calls MSNBC "PMSNBC". Any one with any sense knows a female of any species carries a smaller being of the same species within her.

John Francis Borra said...

Her irrational rant might be amusing if her anti-human philosophy were not, in fact, the very foundation of today's pop culture. She tries to dismiss the truth of science by labeling it faith.

Such abortion promoters simply refuse to be reasoned with; it reminds me of an email exchange I had recently with one of the liberal columnists in the Hays newspaper; when he tried drawing me into debating abortion, I replied:

"Why should I bother answering any question of yours? We share absolutely no frame of reference, no common ground upon which to debate. We speak different languages.

"I believe in the truth, which, by the way, is infinitely more than an abstraction. It is a person: Jesus Christ. You're an atheist; you not only deny the truth, you deny the very existence of truth.

"I see truth as beautiful, liberating, the only means to peace, justice, joy, eternity; because of this, I embrace it. You see truth as terrifying, restrictive, the obstruction of will, an obstacle to satisfaction, the ultimate affront; because of this, you flee it.

"I recognize the natural moral law which follows from the truth. You do not; after all, you do not recognize the law-giver."