Monday, May 13, 2013

Gosnell is found guilty of three counts of murder: Now what?

The Kermit Gosnell murder trial verdict is now in. Gosnell has been convicted of murder in the first degree of three babies who were born alive. He could face the death penalty for murder charges. I have been praying for justice in this trial and it is no surprise to me that this verdict was made on the anniversary of the first apparition of Fatima. Thank you, dear Mother Mary, for your intercession.

I believe that something good is about to come out of the horrifically evil situation. We need to continue praying and acting in a Christian-like manner, not with angry words but with prayers of thanksgiving that the truth has been revealed in this case and that justice has been done. We need to continue to pray with all our hearts for those who are enslaved in the culture of death and who are deceived by the evil one into thinking that killing babies is something good. We need to continue to perform acts of penance and reparation and to fast for an end to the murder of the innocent. And, lastly, as horrible and as wicked as Gosnell's actions were, we need to pray for his conversion. This final action truly shows that we are Christians and not a part of the culture of death.

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