Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nancy Pelosi: Issue of late-term abortions is ‘sacred ground’

Here we go again. As usual, Nancy is confused regarding what the Catholic Church teaches about abortion and continues to confuse and scandalize the public by both her words and actions.

Praying that she will come to know the Truth, live the Truth, and speak the Truth.

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 13, 2013 ( - In response to a question today from a reporter about a late-term abortion ban that is being proposed in Congress, Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that the issue of late-term abortion is "sacred ground" for her.

Nancy, it is not just late-term abortion, but ALL abortions that are considered murder, abortifacients included. ALL human life is sacred, from conception to death.

"As a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me when we talk about this," Pelosi said. "This shouldn't have anything to do with politics."

Those who support and vote for abortion are NOT practising Catholics. They have automatically excommunicated themselves from the faith. 

The Catholic Church forbids politicans from taking part in a propoganda campaign in favor of abortion or voting for it. ~Vatican's Declaration on Abortion, November 18, 1974.

A Weekly Standard reporter had pointed out that the bill was proposed by legislators in response to the horrific case of late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who was found guilty of murder for "snipping" the spinal cords of three babies born alive.

"They argue that there really isn't much of a moral difference between what someone like Dr. Gosnell did to infants born at 23, 24, 25 weeks into pregnancy, and what can happen [legally] at a clinic down the road in Maryland where a doctor says he'll perform an elective abortions 28 weeks into pregnancy," asked the reporter. "So, the question I have for you is what is the moral difference between what Dr. Gosnell did to a baby born alive at 23 weeks and aborting her moments before birth?"

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