Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Feminist Blogger to Pope Francis: “God Trusted Women” to Have Abortions

Here is an interesting story via LifeNews, which is quite amusing, in my opinion, and, at the same time, sad to see how distorted some people's thinking can be and how uninformed they are about the Catholic faith. The Holy Father is much more pro-woman in his beliefs and actions than she can even begin to imagine. I hope the Holy Father gives her a phone call and straightens her out on a few things. He is so loving and such a gentlemen, I can see him actually doing this. Perhaps she is reaching out to him, in her ignorance, hoping for just such a response. I am lifting her up in prayer that she may come to know and accept the truth.

Oops! Looks like not all journalists agree Pope Francis is the people’s superstar pope. But all is not lost. If the pontiff wants to make inroads with liberal feminists, all he has to do is stop being Catholic!

Huffington Post Religion Blogger Angela Bonavoglia gave some pointers to Pope Francis on women in her latest piece, “For Pope Francis: A To-Do List on Women.” As an introduction, she wrote, “Dear Pope Francis: As this new year unfolds, I've decided that, with all due respect, it is time for me to share with you my suggested ‘To-Do list on Women’” – which, among other things, included the revelation that Mary’s virginity is a “myth” and that “God obviously trusted women” to choose abortion.

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