Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thank you, St. Anthony!

After Mass today, I stopped by the Adoration chapel to pray. Then, I spotted a friend in church, who walked me to my car. I reached into my purse for my keys and they weren't in the spot I usually keep them. I searched my purse, then retraced my steps. I looked in the church bathroom, then went to the pew I sat in, looked in the Adoration chapel, then searched through the lost and found. My keys were nowhere to be found. I prayed to St. Anthony for help and emptied out the contents of my purse, but they weren't there! I looked in the car windows on both sides of the locked car. Still no keys! My friend helped me retrace my steps and we repeated the steps above. Finally, I called my husband and he opened my car with the extra key. There were no keys inside. Bill helped me retrace my steps and as we headed toward the church, he bent down near some shrubbery and retrieved my keys. "Thank you, St.Anthony!" he exclaimed, as I silently prayed in unison. Thank you, God, for a praying, sharp-eyed husband.

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