Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Caryll Houselander: God's Giving Hands

"To trust God means that we must know that whatever comes to us comes from his hands.  If we do not see that sorrow comes from his hand and cannot get the comfort of his love from it, it may be because we do not acknowledge our joys as his gifts. If we felt grateful for our food, for the sunlight, for our work, our homes, for those we love, if we were conscious that these were all given by God, we should have formed a clear enough idea of his love to know him; we should know him well enough to know, because we know him, that he does not want us to suffer, but allows it because there is good for us in it. To resist, to be bitter, to say it is no use, all increases the pain. To accept it gratefully from God eases the pain."

"Now, is there is a way in which a busy person could practice this growing trust without having to meditate all day long?  Yes, it is very simple.  Make a mental picture of two huge giving hands, God's hands, and every so often in the day or night, stop for a moment and think: 'At this moment, God is handing me all I have, my life-- 'and so on, mentioning all that you are conscious of.  It may be at some moments you will realize what a lot of obvious good God is giving you still; at other times it will help you to understand that the trials you suffer also come from his hands."

-- Caryll Houselander, (excepted from This War is the PassionThe Comforting of Christ,  NY: Sheed & Ward 1941).

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