Saturday, November 08, 2014

Fr. Barron on The Development of Doctrine

How can Blessed John Henry Newman's idea of the 'development of doctrine' frame our discussion about the recent Synod on the Family? And does Cardinal Walter Kasper's proposal represent an authentic development in Church teaching or a corruption?


wsm said...

Dear Father,
I fear you overlook a lot of pernicious corruption. I am a good family granddad and the synod fills me with dread and mistrust. I think Christ Himself would have ripped the intermediate relation to shreds. I see nothing in this synod about "family", only a secular agenda. "Family" would call for a massive Church effort to fund Catholic schools for Catholic families.


Thomas Mellon said...

I don't accept that Augustine and Aquinus understood the Trinity better than Peter. They codified and articulated brilliantly what had been believed for centuries. But I don't think the apostles would have put their lives on the line for the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and communion unless the Trinity had been conveyed to them in a very personal way by Jesus.