Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Papal Quote of the Day: Call to Conversion for Christians of Appearances

"There is a second call" [to] "those who live by appearances, Christians of appearances." "Appearances are these Christians shroud: they are dead." [And the Lord] "calls them to conversion".

"Am I one of these Christians of appearances? Am I alive inside, do I have a spiritual life? Do I hear the Holy Spirit, do I listen to the Holy Spirit, do I  move forward, or ...? But, if everything looks good, I have nothing to reproach myself about: I have a good family, people do not gossip about me, I have everything I need, I married in church ...I am 'in the grace of God', I am alright. Appearances! Christians of appearance ... they are dead! Instead [we must] seek something alive within ourselves, and with memory and vigilance, reinvigorate this so we can move forward. Convert: from appearances to reality. From being neither hot nor cold to fervor".

~ Pope Francis in his homily on conversion at Mass at Santa Marta on November 18, 2014.

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