Friday, February 20, 2015

Seven Quick Takes

1. Ash Wednesday -- I went to Mass this Wednesday and got my ashes, despite the fact that I had been ill with chronic pain for two days. My husband took this picture of me, which I am offering up for the souls in purgatory, as Mother Teresa did.She made a contract with heaven that every time her photo was taken a soul would be released from purgatory. I am sure that purgatory will be empty after I publish this photo. ;-)

2. Lent -- That beautiful season of renewal is here again.  Need ideas for Lent? Check out my Lenten activities for 2015.

3. New Book -- I just have started writing a new book this Lent. It is very rough at this point in time, but I feel called by the Holy Spirit to write it.

"This would make a great Lenten read or a gift for a recently converted Catholic, a seminarian or religious postulant, or anyone seeking to grow in their knowledge of the saints and a life of virtue." ~ Erika Marie at Simple Mama in her review of Seven Saints for Seven Virtues

4. Seven Saints for Seven Virtues, which was released on October 7, 2015,  has received some very favorable reviews from Lisa Hendey, Sarah Reinhard, Pat Gohn, and Donna-Marie Cooper-O'Boyle.

5. If you missed this on EWTN last night, it is definitely worth watching:

RICK SANTORUM, former US Senator from Pennsylvania and possible GOP candidate for president, his wife KAREN, and daughter ELIZABETH discuss their new book, BELLA'S GIFT: HOW ONE LITTLE GIRL TRANSFORMED OUR FAMILY AND INSPIRED A NATION, an uplifting family memoir about their special needs little girl, Bella.

6. Today is the feast of  Blessed Francisco and Blessed Jacinto Marto, the visionaries at Fatima. Francisco, 11, and Jacinta, 10, are the youngest non-martyrs to be beatified in the history of the Church.

Have a blessed weekend! To see more Quick Takes, visit This Aint the Lyceum.

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MarieR said...

Jean, I'm so sorry you're in such pain and hope you find relief soon. I'll say a prayer for you. Your picture is adorable! Offering it up for the poor souls gave me a chuckle though. :)
Believe me, you look ten times better than I do on any given day.